Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I'm still here!

Well only just! I am shattered sweeties, absobloodylutely shattered. I guess I will have time to blog properly again once The Leg has healed. In the meantime I am running round like a blue-arsed-fly-on-speed without a minute to myself. I fall asleep in front of the TV early in the evening and then just about manage to crawl into bed before seeing if anything is required by The Leg who has taken up permanent residence on the sofa in the bar (yeah handy that, not far to hobble to the beer fridge!). I have had a sore throat and weird headaches for the past few days too. I was beginning to think I was having a stroke or brain haemmorhage until I spoke to mum who has the same symptoms. I guess we have the blog bug that Trac and Lettuce have had. So do forgive me if I am not blogging or commenting regularly but life is hectic just now.

Jasmine leaves school tomorrow. It's her last official day. After that she just goes in to do her GCSE's over the next few weeks. This means that I have successfully brought up a child to adulthood ready to release into the big grown up world. Awwwwww my baby girl. I am so proud of her.

It's Alfie's 6th birthday next week. I have organised a big-bouncy-castle-in-the-garden-party for him. I tried to get him to go to an organised party location this year saying that Daddy has a sore leg and he won't be able to organise races and I will be too busy cooking the party food but he wouldn't have it. He said 'but you can do the races Mum and Bibis (GOW) can do all the food". He is a child who never sees problems only solutions, how could we refuse? He had such fun last year and our garden is more than big enough to cope with many children. Mum and I had booked that weekend to be the big 'giving up feeding' weekend and so we have had to postpone that for another few weeks as we wouldn't be able to cope with both. Lizzy has another few weeks respite!

Great bootsales lately. My biggest success was a couple of vintage flight bags that had never been used. I decided to keep one and sell one on ebay. It finished today and made a very healthy profit indeed. I have to say it is so much nicer not having to look for fabric to sell. I buy now mainly for me and the family and anything else is a bonus. It's still a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon even if I don't buy anything.

Exeter was great, the sun shone as per usual (it always shines in Exeter). I had my roots done and had lots more blonde put through my hair to lighten it up for summer. I think I am growing it again. Great RT. Bought some pretty things from Hennes and Topshop and went to Starbucks twice!! I thoroughly approve of the branch. Nice music, great decor, squashy seats and lovely cappuccino. We had lunch sat in cathedral yard, a yummy sandwich from Michael Caines' cafe.

Right I must go. Nice talking to you all again. I miss you xxx Pin It


euro-trac said...

Miss you too! x

Great bags! :o)

What's J going to do after she's left school? Does she know yet?

Calamity Tat said...

Miss you too, two starbucks! Hmmm... how lovely though.. great bags, did you have time to read my profile yet?

wendy said...

This is a lovely post felt as if I were reading a letter to a very dear friend that you haven't spoken to in a while :-)

I also felt like catching my breath once or twice...Gee! You HAVE/ARE busy!

Take care of yourself.

lettuce said...

yes, cool bags! i think your boot fairs must be better than my local one, tho' I got some great vintage fabric last week.

lettuce said...

Ps - hope you get better not worse!

ramblingwoman said...

Michael Caine's Cafe? Not many people know that!

How did The Leg manage while you were in Exeter? Sounds like you had a lovely day. You deserve it.

Which bag did you sell? Areyou sure it wasn't Gee that bought it? I know he has a good collection.

Hope you feel better soon, yes the lurgies are going round here too.

Gina said...

Hugs to you, hope you are feeling better!

Molly Bloom said...

I hope you are feeling a lot better soon. I love those bags. They are so very 70s.

cream said...

I am glad that someone likes Corinne Bailey Ray! Watched her on Jools Holland's last Saturday night! She was amazing!

Hope The Leg gets better soon!

euro-trac said...

That's funny that Cream should mention Jools Holland as I was going to ask you if you happened to see it last week.

That John Fogerty (I've always loved C.C.R) sure rocked and could teach them youngsters a thing or two!! :o)

PG said...

I think you're building up an awful lot of brownie points with The Leg...payback time will come!

lettuce said...

btw, just trying to find my way around a bit more - I'll add you as a friend when I work out how!