Saturday, June 17, 2006

Hey Boobie

I can't stop, I'm in the middle of weaning but I just thought I would pop by and say hi and give you a quick, update of what is going on around here. I'm having a wonderful weekend. The prom was wonderful (blog post and photos to come I promise) and today we all went to OceanFest on this beautiful bright and sunny day (we seem to be having plenty of those lately). It was great fun and I will blog more about that soon too. The only blot on the landscape is the weaning Lizzy off of the breast. That is painful for both of us. She is coping so well and is still the bright cheerful baby that she has always been (thanks to the help I am receiving from my amazing mother) but you know that she is wondering what the hell has happened. I, on the other hand, am coping less well as I feel as though my breasts have been removed and replaced with two very large melons, very large, very sore melons! God they are HUGE! I normally have quite little buzwabs but right now they are of 'Jordan' proportions. Seriously, I took a photo of them to show you but I will not post it for fear of having your eye out. Still I know it is all for the brest, sorry, best and soon I will be able to fit into my pretty, LITTLE bras once again.

Night night, see you in the morning X Pin It


euro-trac said...

Oh dear - poor you!

Buzwaps!? That is sooo going to be my favourite word of the day!
I thank you...

euro-trac said...

Buzwabs even... :o)

Do you think that buzwaps might mean something else?

ramblingwoman said...

Just popped over and see I've missed too fun and entertaining postings!

Can't wait until the prom pics Dons. If you dare lets see your buzwabs! You can photoshop the nips!!! hahahahahha. Dons does Jordan!!!

Sounds like you've had a busy time.

Talking about bags (as we were) have you seen Boden's slouchy bag? They have a chocolate one (well not made of chocolate unfortunately). Would that be a fashion faux pas if I made that investment? (Oh Fasion consultant)

Calamity Tat said...

Hey Boobie, how's the melons today? It is stressful Donna but it will get better..Photos needed though otherwise we won't believe you.. Mine were sooooo enormous when I stopped feeding Dulcie I couldn't do my coat up!

wendz said...

Oh ptb - my buzwabs were never melons...never did the boobie feed thing you see...hope they feel less sore today.

ramblingwoman said...

I remember that feeling - as long as they don't deflate into spaniel's ears Dons!

How's it going?
(Decided to wait until the Boden bag is in the sale!)

Rosa said...

Ha! Funny.