Monday, January 15, 2007

Springing into 2007

I have had a busy time of it since the New Year. I have been getting my website finalised and just as I thought I was there I decided to opt for a few upgrades so that means another slight delay. I'm not too worried though as I want things to be right before launching my self out there and as this is a long-term project I am happy to take my time.

My website developer had emailed me about marketing and was offering their services at, what I thought was, a huge cost. I was not sure about this cost and wanted to find out what other website owners did for marketing. So I sent an email to a few lovely ladies who have their own websites to ask their advice about marketing. I was touched and truly amazed at the response I received. Within a few hours each one had sent a long, detailed email giving me invaluable advice. These women all have busy lives with their own business and some with children as well so I thank Gena, Kelly, Cherry and Niki so much for their time and advice. You are amazing women.

Lately the weather has been very wet and windy, encouraging lots of stay-at-home activities, lovely log fires, home made soups and copious amounts of tea. The children have to be coaxed out of their pyjamas, Alfie in articular would stay in them all day if he could. They have been making great camps under our dining table with the help of a few blankets and the torch. They make camp fires and cook their plastic food which they have 'poached' from the local woods (inspired by Danny Champion of the World by Roald Dahl!) They love to play make-believe all day long. It's lovely to watch and I remember being lost in that world of play myself when my sister and I would play for hours oblivious of the time until my mum sent out a search party to fetch us back for our tea.

Yesterday was a very different day. The sun was out, the air had that beautiful unmistakable smell of spring. It was fresh and new. There are signs of spring everywhere. Our daffodils are growing at an alarming rate, the camelia is in bud and the winter jasmine is still out as well as the heavily scented white jasmine. The waft of this plant comes in through the kitchen door in late spring reminding me of when my little Jasmine was born, nearly 17 years ago, and Paul bought my mum and I a big jasmine plant each. Our flat smelled of new born baby and jasmine.

Even Fifi is thinking of venturing out. She can see a patch of sunlight in the distance but then again her bed is soooo warm!

The weather encourages gardening activities and country walks once again.

The house is one colour at last, we painted it cream instead of white and it now looks fresh again. The scaffolding is still up for a bit of roof work though. That's the next job and with a roof the size of ours it's going to be a long one!

And last but not least a HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to my mum GOW who had a birthday on Wednesday. I couldn't put an announcement up on Tuesday as Blogger was having an off-day! We had a great day together in Exeter, shopping (of course) and a gorgeous meal in a vegetarian restaurant overlooking the cathedral.

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Calamity Tat said...

I want to eat there too please, and have muffns with you and i want to do it all... lovley update, thanks... thanks for the junior mag bit xxxx

lettuce said...

awwwww, i remember all that make-believe with LG.

She still lives largely in a fantasy world, but mostly on-line.

Lovely gardening pics - it is nice to get out there again, isn't it?

Good luck with all the business/web stuff - you will let us know when it launches, wont you.

lettuce said...

And Happy Birthday to GOW - in case she doesn't check her blog these days.

Wendz said...

Dons - some days my boys spend all day in their pj's - (so do I!)..I don't mind if we are staying in. It's cozy and makes the washload lighter!

They also spend ages in their make-believe world - but oh la la the mess they create with all the blankets, cushions, upturned chairs...and guess who has to tidy up!!

Your kiddies are adorable...look at little Spiderman there...and brilliant that he plays with Lizzie.

Happy Birthday to GOW - has she given up blogging for good?

gena said...

You are more than welcome Donna! cant wait to see your site! Oh making tents under the table, torchlight, teatime....its all so Enid Blyton! Delightful!

The Devil Makes Work.......for idle hands said...

Hiya Dons,

Long time no speak, glad you are OK. Things have been completely mad since I moved but are calming down now.

I'll drop you an email shortly. Hope you got my Christmas Card!

Can't wait to see your website. I still haven't done mine.......just been so busy.

Anyhoo, glad you are OK, loved the Stella box conversion by the way and the house looks fab!

See you soon.


Pod said...

what a lovely post...i feel homesick now!! although the hot weather, and as i sat semiclad on a rock yesterday at the beach thinking ' i dont want to live in england', i do miss the cold and staying in and stuff.....and why do we lose that ability to spend hours in the land of make believe...ooh i feel a song coming on

Feeling Simply Quilty said...

The first quilter/crafter I'm met that likes the Guillamots!!! Yeah!! me to...I saw one in Alaska (they're a duck of sorts)-great band.

You might like to listen to Bright Eyes, or Waxfang.

Little Miss Sunshine is a great movie as well.

Pod said...

and hey presto!.........who has been singin buzz 'effin fizz ALL day??

Donna said...

Hehehe sorry about that Pod, I do feel a little responsible for putting Bucks Fizz into your brain all day, poor you ;-)