Sunday, February 04, 2007

Fabric and Fairies

On Thursday a parcel arrived at my house. I unwrapped it and inside I found this......

Further unwrapping revealed this..........

and, finally, this................

A beautiful pipe cleaner fairy made by this clever lady. I fell in love with her immediately. She was so lovely and beautifully made, the attention to detail is undescribable and you just can't see how extraordinary she is from my photos. Believe me she is wonderful! The only trouble was she wasn't mine. I had bought her for my Mother-in-Law whose birthday it was the next day. She has been virtually house bound with extreme sciatica. Now for an extremely active lady like my MIL this is so frustrating for her and it has been getting her down a lot. Nothing she has tried has shifted it. I parcelled up the fairy together with The French-Inspired Home, some scented candles, chocolates and a corsage, all things she can enjoy from the comfort(?) of her chair. She was thrilled, especially with her fairy, and it really cheered her up. I had to get in touch with Niki though and ask her if she could make me one the same, or at least very similar, before I let her fly off to her new owner!

I have found a child minder for Lizzy for 1 1/2 days a week so that I can at last get on with stocking the shelves for my website. It is all ready to go now and just needs me to spend a little time adding the fabric to my shop. Here for you is a little preview of things to come, enjoy!

1930's cotton

1930's cotton

1940's cotton

1930's paisley cotton

1950's kids cotton

Vintage French buttons

Polka dot grosgrain ribbon

Vintage linen buttons

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Kristy said...

Can't wait to see your website!That first 1940's cotton is adorable x

Calamity Tat said...

Yummy stuff girlfriend.. read dress your family in and got flea market style isn't it fab.. will check out that music.. found some french tins at the puce today, they're so pretty a whole series plus some vintage fisherprice plus no bum touching today aside from Lily who thought it a nice piece of french antique fab for you in return for the polkas bizzzz xxx

grumpy old woman said...

Yes, yummy indeed! Your photos made my mouth water, Dons.


Heidi said...

Such beautiful fabrics! How do you determine the age of them? Or are those just estimates?

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Donna,
Thank you so much for this lovely post and all of your kind words. I hope indeed that you mother-in-law enjoys her new friend. Sounds like you put together a wonderful gift for her.
(Many thanks again for your purchase the other little fairy is almost created!)

I love all of your colourful fabrics and the best of luck with you website.

lettuce said...

she is gorgeous! I've just been bequeathed a pipe cleaner family which LG said I can have to look after now, very cute, but nowhere near as gorgeous as this.

(nice buttons too.)
(of course!)

ramblingwoman said...

Hi Dons,

A friend of mine (and Lettie's) suffered with sciatica for so long it was making her bend over and look like an old woman. Having tried for so long - all kinds of physical therapy - she opted for a body scan to look at the problem and discovered one of her vertebrae had grown a 'knob' and was scraping on the nerve. So she had an op to have the bone shaved and has never looked back - keyhole surgery, not major.

Lovely dolly! You are turning me vintage Dons...I just bought some Orla Keily mugs (I know, it's only lookielike vintage but it's a start)

PG said...

What a gorgeous doll! Isn't she clever? I am sooo looking forward to seeing your website Dons if anything can make me dust off my sewing basket and get stitching again, that will!