Saturday, October 27, 2007

Today was a busy day. As many of you know we are trying to sell the house. We have had very few viewers as the top end of the market is slow (so the Estate Agents say). Today we had a family looking for a second home in the country and we were told (by the Estate Agents) that they were travelling from London to view our house and only our house. It all sounded very hopeful. They were to arrive at 2pm, plenty of time for me to try and knock our house into shape seeing as the kids had trashed it during the half term! Mum came over to lend a much needed hand and like the trouper that she is she set to work immediately and with the two of us working flat out and the children, completely hyper for some reason, trying to undo any work we had just done we were just about ready for them by 2pm. Mum and I had just got the kids ready for a walk to the park to get them out of the way. 2.09pm the phone rings and it's the Estate Agents saying that the family were unable to get to us by 2pm could they now make it 4pm. Change of plan, mum takes the kids to her house for a play and in the next 2 hours I clean more, answer emails and the constant phone calls that punctuate the day about fabric. 4.10pm the family arrive all apologetic and I dutifully show them around. It was patently obvious to me that they were not interested in the house at all when a) the mother looked aghast at the aga and stated that she didn't know how to cook and didn't know how to use 'one of those' b) the teenage daughter said she was a London girl and hated the countryside c) the Mother laughingly said to the Father 'do you fancy some gardening dear' when I was showing them around the 2 acres we have to maintain. What a waste of flipping time!!!!!! Why on earth did they bother to come? Grrrrrrrrr!!! It's soooooooo annoying having to give up so much time, organise everyones life with military precision to fit around 'the appointment' to find out that they don't want a country house with a big garden or an aga. I hate this selling my house malarky I really do.

Anyway, Friday was a much better day. I had a child-free few hours in Exeter with mum to have my hair cut and coloured, which was desperately needed after 6 months of not having my roots done. When I saw myself on television all I could think was 'must get my hair done. Just look at those roots.' I have gone for a brighter lighter blonde (well why not) and a softer, less structured hair style. I have gone off the bob since Victoria Beckham WAG'ed it up! I have a wider fringe and my hairdresser put a few waves into my hair at the end. What do you think?

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Vintage to Victorian said...

Love it Donna. Thankfully you still look like you, so I shall recognise you on Wednesday!! Yes, will be there! Looking forward to it.

I quite agree - those girls should really get blogging themselves.

Sorry to hear of your disastrous viewing today. How awfully inconsiderate they were. Obviously not bloggers!

Sue xx

Gena said...

You look gorgeous Donna! a new hair style and you can take on the world! dont you think? I know what you mean about the selling of the house carry on, and I hate time wasters! but then suddenly a family come along and are smitten! it will happen,I mean your house is absolutely stunning! who wouldnt fall in love with it? keep positive honey, it will all come right in the end.xxxx

ramblingwoman said...

The hair's lovely Donna.

Selling houses is a pain. Buying houses is a pain. Estate agents are an utter pain. Luckily you are 'high end' and those estate agents seems to be slightly more scrupulous. My sister sold their gorgeous (2 acres and aga) house a few years ago and told the agent they only wanted people who were ready to move (or had nothing to sell) and the money in place - NO timewasters - there are a lot of those sticky beak type people who go looking at houses at weekends!

Btw do you know where I can get any Orla Kiely fabric? I can't get any from the the website? Is it actually poss to get any, anywhere? I thought you might know!

Lots of love


Alchamillamolly said...

Hi your hair is gorgeous - love it. I hate those sort of people - we had a very elderly couple sent by the agents - we have steps etc and it was totally unsuitable for them - they were measuring to get a ramp to get a good run at the front door with his mbility scooter!!! We were just told yesterday the house at the bottom of the chain was sold again so we are off - have been packing all day. 4 huge boxes of fabric and I don't even have a business!! Having a treat now reading some blogs I have earned it. We are downsizing - must keep that thought in my head!! Catherine

Antipodeesse said...

Never mind the hair, you have beautiful eyes!

Gina said...

Ahhh, you worked so hard! Those people sound funny... anyhoo you look gorgeous!! Love your hair, you really are such a beauty.

sugarcreekstuff said...

You look lovely. Your home sounds like my kind of place, but what is aga?

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Donna,
Sorry to hear about the annoying house viewing - hope you have better news very soon.
The new 'do' is lovely - but then you ALWAYS look so well turned-out!!
Take care and have a lovely weekend,
Niki x

Suzie Sews said...

My heart goes out to you about the viewing...what was the point of them coming if they had no idea of country living...I guess they liked the 'idea' of the lifestyle, its so hard seelling your home and feels so personal..which of course it is. Anyway on to you...your hair looks fab.
Suzie Sews