Tuesday, January 01, 2008


I really don't know what happened to the rest of December. It seemed to fly by in a bit of a blur! Christmas was upon us before we knew it and now it is the New Year. I have had a house full of people, 10 to be precise, so it has been super busy with my sister and her family here from Denver, USA and mum staying too. We have had a lovely time together although I have been really very ill, probably more ill than I can ever remember being in my life. I am still suffering now and have resorted to antibiotics after putting up with the symptoms for over a week. The doctor said it's probably viral and the antibiotics won't make much difference but I may as well take them. I hate it and can't wait to feel better. One of the awful symptoms is that I cannot taste anything, all food tastes like cotton wool, so my appetite for all the beautiful meals we have had just hasn't been there. If you cannot taste your food there is absolutely no joy in eating, good for dieting maybe but not for having around Christmas. Everyone except Jazz and Jack got the bug to varying degrees so it has been a strange old time. The plus side of feeling this way is it gave me lots of snuggle time with my little ones as I could do little else.

We saw in the New Year last night ensconced in the bar, listening to great music and playing the Wii. Paul went out dressed as woman (as he does every New Year's Eve!) into Bideford and Jazz went out with her friends too. Bideford is one of the top places to be for New Year in the country. Everyone dresses up and plans their outfits months in advance. There are entertainers and bands playing on the quay and fireworks at midnight when everyone rushes over the old bridge to the East side of town. There is always a great atmosphere and is really friendly. Jazz went as a pussy cat while her boyfriend Jack went as Russell Brand. Paul looked like Ugly Betty but thought he was Amy Winehouse, hahaha! I shall leave you to make your own conclusion!

Anyway, Happy New Year lovely people. I hope 2008 is all that you wish for and more. I am glad to see the back of 2007, especially the last bit where I was so poorly, so bring on 2008 I am ready for ya.
My New Years resolution is to stop making the same old mistakes. I am just going to make a whole bunch of new ones! Pin It


claire Maraldo said...

Happy New Year Donna. Hope you are feeling better soon and that your taste buds will perk up soon!

We stayed in as we have become two old farts. First time ever but we drank lots of champagne so not so bad!

2008 will be great for you, I'm sure of it.

Claire x

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Happy New Year Donna!
Hope you are feeling better now and that 2008 will be a great year for you!
Have fun making those new mistakes!!
I'll be doing that too!
Niki x

Anonymous said...

I just can't beleive how many people were ill this Christmas ( including us, although it sounds like you were much worse than we were). We are still not 100% better. I hate being ill too. Anyway, The family look great all dressed up, looks like such fun! We had a quiet new years eve with jools holland. Hope 2008 is the best year ever for you!

Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Donna,
Glad you liked the bunting, thanks for the invite to your blog, I've a bit of catching up to do but all I can say is MY GOD your house is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! I am just drooling over those pics. Mr. Bloom subscribes to 25 Beautiful Homes and I have to say that whilst it has a few gems now and again, most of the time I don't care much for the homes in there. Yours will be the real star of that issue.
Best wishes to you,
Lucy x

Vintage to Victorian said...

Hi Donna

So sorry to hear you've been poorly, but get yourself fighting fit to attack 2008 with a vengeance!! Looking forward to catching up with you soon, and hearing about all your new mistakes!

Happy New Year!

Sue xx

lettuce said...

oh sweetie, i'm so sorry to hear you've been so ill.
I hope you're fully fit again soon.

and so sorry my present didn't get to you before Christmas.... it will arrive sooner or later
(only after i've posted it of course....)

Ugly Betty, def.

Trac said...

I think he meant Amy Lamé not Winehouse!? :O)

Cheers Donna - I too, shall make a bunch of new mistakes in 2008.

(However I don't think I'll bother learning from my old ones...

...where's the fun in that eh?)

Hope you are feeling better and have a great new year!

Trac said...

Ooops... that didn't appear to work!


You'll just have to copy and paste the above to know what I mean. :O)

Trac said...

Hehehe - Yeah... Wii's are very amusing aren't they?

[The Mii's are funny :O)]

No surprise that I'm good at billiards (pub sports have always been my thing!)


...turns out that I am good at shooting!!?
I'm thinking of moving to Highgrove and joining the hunting set!

ramblingwoman said...

Hi Donna,


I've finally caught up with your blog and wonderful it all looks too! Your house is absolutely fabulous it really is. (We have the same leather chair as you - but I think that's as far as it goes - our styles are very different - I don't have one! - haha).

Anyway, I hope to be around more this year - really must make more time to blog etc.

Lots of love to you and yours.

Gigibird said...

Happy New Year to You:)
I'm sorry to hear your were ill over Christmas....that is bad timing but the upshot is I'm sure you're not having to diet like the rest of us piggys.
Making new mistakes sounds a lot more optimistic than old ones....

muddy red shoes said...

happy new year Donna, hope it is a brilliant one, hope you are better now, suppose the upside is no weight gain over christmas! xxx

Tats said...

Turns out I'm very good at doing the Wii action where you shake the controls up and down with your right hand squeezing tight! Ho HUM!!!!
Hope you feel better Petal... Happy New Year...
Ps are you going to be in the Independent on the 9th.. I'll call anyway xx

The Devil Makes Work said...

Hey Dons, sorry to hear you were poorly. Hope you're better now :-). Happy 2008, I just know it will be a fab year for you honey.

Lark said...

Happy New Year Donna, and get better soon!

Clare said...

Hi Donna

A slightly belated Happy New Year - and I am sorry to hear you've been ill. I had a couple of nasty bugs prior to Christmas - I only hope I've seen the last oof them for now!

LOVE the costumes!!!! Sorry Paul, I am thinking more Ugly Betty though!!! I love fancy dress - looks like we'll have to head towards Devon for New Year in future!!

Hope you are all well on the way to recovery now and here's to 2008 being a great year!

Clare x

alison said...

So what is it about men dressing as women at the drop of a hat. We have a couple of friends in the UK who always went to fancy dress parties as women! Odd!
Anyway, I hope that you'll soon be feeling in tip top shape. I wish you a VERY happy 2008 Donna. If anyone deserves a bit of goodness, it's you.
Bye for now, Alison.
P.s. The fabric we talked about? Let's leave it until February shall we, once you're back on form. I'm in no rush.

Pod said...

happy new year of discovery and excitement to you donald!
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Pod said...