Thursday, February 28, 2008

Spring Sale

(Click on invite to enlarge)

The date has been set and the invites printed up, now all I have to do is post them off and get ready for my first open house sale! I'm so excited. As well as vintage textiles and homewares I am going to have tea and cakes served in the kitchen so that hopefully I get to socialise a little with my customers. So, what are you waiting for, book that time off, plan a weekend in North Devon and come visit me! Pin It


PG said...

Oh Donna, I so wish I could get down for this, if only I drove...and even sorrier to read about your umphness...I wondered where you had gotten to. I seem to remember Topsham as being very nice, I am sure I had an elderly aunt who lived there years ago.
Do you ever sell bags of scraps?

Sivle said...

Hi there...
I've just been browsing at your website and it is fab! :O)

I so wish I could pop down for your sale, but I shall be dumping my children off in Wales that weekend.


Take care...