Sunday, March 16, 2008

Back to Black

My friends Matt and Amanda bought gig tickets to see Mark Ronson for my daughter and her boyfriend. Supporting him was a local band from Tiverton called the Rumble Strips. They did this version of Amy Winehouse's Back to Black which I think is awesome and have put it here to share with you. What do you think? Pin It


prettyshabby said...

Hi Donna! thanks for your great message..clippings of your lovely polka dot strewn house are in one of my box files under gorgeousness!.. Having found your wonderful website I'm glad I've found your blog now too! As for the house sale, Haven't yet had people round, I think I shall make myself scarse-you're braver than me! I spent ages de-cluttering and 'dressing' our house for the estate agents visit only for her to take a load of absolutely pants photos with a flash, then when the details came through had to correct all the mistakes!(no it isn't a 'cottage''s a house) these people actually charge us for this! aaaaaaah! 2 days and already I'm not liking this house selling malarky!
Anyway on a jollier note... I totally agree, that is indeed a FAB version of back to black by the Rumble strips!
Sairer x

lettuce said...

wow - different - and also excellent!

Trac said...

Love it!

I am ever so slightly in love with Mark Ronson as it happens...

Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Donna, just popped by to wish you a Happy Easter, hope you enjoy the weekend,
Lucy x