Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Textile Blog

I just wanted to alert you to a brilliant blog that I have found called The Textile Blog. John Hopper who writes it has an extensive knowledge of textiles and focuses on the history of interiors and interior furnishings over the last three centuries. It has been a great source of reference to me and will be to any of you fellow textile lovers out there. I found him whilst researching the piece of fabric shown above, which was designed by Duncan Grant of the Bloomsbury set. I was lucky enough to find a piece which had been reproduced for Laura Ashley in the 1980's and is now rare itself. I think I am going to have my piece stretched (professionally) onto canvas and hung in the house. I can't bear to part with it! Anyway pop over to John's blog, it makes for a very interesting read.
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Greedy Nan said...

Lucky, lucky you!

mollycupcakes said...

Hi hun,
Thanks for all your kind words of support over the last few weeks.
As for th edotty mat I got mine from a friend of a friend, but they do sell them in a cute little shop called Jemery's home store in Tunbridge Wells, here 's there number they might post it to you if you want one. I think they're £9.99
01892 525976
Hope this helps.
Catherine x

grumpy old woman said...

OMG! Thank you so much for the link - what a fabulous blog - what an interesting guy!


Gigibird said...

I am pretty sure that is one of the featured fabrics used in one of the Persephone books.....I have it so I should be able to say which one....

I can remember very well when Laura Ashley had their Bloomsbury collection.....lucky you for having some of the fabric.

Kitschen Pink said...

Thanks for sending me over there - the Flickr account is just a haven for addicts! Wonderful!
I have a little piece of one the repro Duncan Grant fabrics. I haven't framed it. I like to fondle it from time to time. That's probably not very conservation minded of me but who cares about the next generation when I'm enjoying it so much! t.xx

lettuce said...

fab fab fabric!

shall enjoy investigating the link

Trac said...

HI Donna...

Just catching up, when I should be doing more sensible things, but I just had to say

I LOVE that old cash register!!!!

I've wanted one of those since I was about 3.

That'll be about twenty years then!? ;O)

The Vintage Kitten said...

Great piece of fabric. I love the idea of stretching it over canvas. It should be displayed as a piece of art. Im a papercrafter and some of my paper and card are too nice to use. I was thinking of doing a feature wall of patchwork papers...Hmm, but then again maybe not!

Miss sew n sew said...

Hi Donna
Thankyou for your lovely comment on my blog about my summerhouse. Your blog is great too and what a fantastic shop you have it must be wonderful following your dreams doing something you love. I'll definitely be back here soon!

Redwoodhouse said...

thanks for the John Harper blog so interesting, I find it wonderful that when you find a piece of fabric you research it and don't just think 'what fab fabric' like I probably would.
Love your blog

Katherines Dream said...

Thank you for link Donna. I pop over now...great idea for your fabric !
Carol xx

Trac said...

Hi Donna, just dropping by to say GOOD LUCK with your sale.


Petticoat Lane said...

Lovely, lovely fabric, thanks for the link.
The cash register is great, my daughters (and I) would spend many a happy hour playing shops with that!!
I spy the Ikea throw on the chair!! I LOVE mine, it's wrapped around my shoulders most evenings.
All the best with the sale.
Jane. x

Vintage to Victorian said...

Hi Donna

Will definitely take some photos of the sample book. I'm not letting that go anywhere for some considerable time!!!!

No idea what you were talking about but it was all very intense!!!!

Sue xx

Katie said...

Hello! Ooo, great tip about the for a look at it at the moment (especially since the writer of it has the same surname as me before I got married!) Hope all's well with you, xxx

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Anonymous said...

Huzzah! Someone who might be able to help me (not with being fabric crazed, that isn't curable.) I have several pieces of Laura Ashley Christmas cotton fabric from the late 1980-mid 1990s. Can't find a name for it. It is green with a fine print of gold swirls and paisley. Is there a better way to id it then searching Google?