Friday, September 19, 2008

Thank you for your lovely and encouraging comments about my new website. I thought I would just explain a little why I changed it, it was more than just a facelift.

The name of my website Country House Antique textiles had been so named as I lived in a country house (and of course I sold antique textiles). Back in March last year when I was still selling this house, a very turbulent time for me, I wondered where I would be living and it occurred to me that I may not live in a country house next time. I was also aware that some people were slightly misled by this name and thought that all I sold was country house florals. Friends advised me that I should be using my name, as it is such an apt one. but I was reluctant. I said 'it's not about me it's about the fabrics', 'No Donna', they said, 'it IS about you in the same way that Stella McCartney, Orla Kiely, Donna Karan and Cath Kidston use their names, you should be using yours'. So rather reluctantly I started making enquiries about changing my website, had meetings with my website designers back in April and the wheels were put into motion to change from Country House Antique Textiles and become Claire was commissioned to design me a logo and she did a brilliant job. I love Claire's work and knew she was the right girl for the job. I adore my logo and my business cards are so delicious!

It is rather scary to come out from behind my fabrics and show my face but, well, here I am, wish me luck. Pin It


claire Maraldo said...

Glad you're now live with your new (old) identity.

Looking forward to seeing you as a global brand ;-)

It was GREAT to work with you Donna.

Best of luck!

Kristy said...

I love the new look and think you are right to go with your name.It's funny as I was sorting through a batch of old mags the other day and came across an article about vintage textiles.In it there are a few quotes from you with your name.It was before I had even heard of you.I remember thinking how appropriate your name sounded. I'm sure it will make your site more appealing to a wider range of buyers.
Names are so important.That's why I moved away from She's Sew Vintage as I realised not many little boys would like a tag like that on their toys!

prettyshabby said...

Hi Donna..I just LOVE the new look..The new logo is absolutely gorgeous (I really love Claires drawing style) you have a fantastic name so good for you for making the most of it!
Sairer x

grumpy old woman said...

Here's wishing you all the luck in the world, Sweetie, but I do think your hard work and your flair have something to do with your success so far!!



lettuce said...


and its such a lovely face

good luck good luck


Trac said...

Oh good, I said on an email that I thought you had just the right name already...

It's easier to remember than CHAT too.

I LOVE the logo and the website. (Although I may have mentioned that already too) :O)


I hope you'll still remember me when you are really really famous.

The Devil Makes Work said...

Hey Dons,

You have such a great name, it's brilliant!!!

Make sure you remember us when you are famous - I think you should write a book you know.


The Devil Makes Work said...

p.s hope you recieved my email?

Redwoodhouse said...

Such a good look and fab name, you instinctivly know when something is right, and you have got it right. The very best of luck.

green phoenix said...

Your new look is perfect and you are right to use your name, branding and all that.
Hope it draws in even more custom for you.

Sal said...

Good luck with your 'new look'.
I love your fabrics ;-)

Andrea said...

Your New Look is fab, and your name as your Business is far better than mine!!! x

Lark said...

Hi Donna, this is great news, you are right to go with your (lovely) name, and Claire's logo is simply gorgeous!

Allison xx

Suzie Sews said...

Oh my I have missed out on soooo behind am I on my reading, sorry hun. It looks like its all going great guns and good for you.

muddy red shoes said...

Really love the new look logo and great name...perfect, you should have said you were in Truro, could have met up!