Thursday, October 09, 2008

One Day Like This

Yesterday was a wonderful day. I persuaded Paul that he and I should take the day away off work and spend some time together. We were going to a gig in Truro in the evening so I thought it would be nice to slowly make our way down, as it takes 1 hour 45 minutes to get there. It was the perfect weather, bright blue sky, warm autumnal sun, a few clouds peppered here and there. We managed to set off at 12.15, not quite as early as I had hoped but we were still both trying to tie up loose ends, the downside of both running our own businesses from home. We drove first to Crackington Haven as Paul had never been.

We then drove on to Port Isaac. I adore Port Isaac, especially when it is sunny and out of season. I always rent a cottage and take the children there for a week during the holidays but didn't this year as our house was on the market and I imagined myself moving this summer! I have missed it. We had a lovely lunch sat outside the Slipway Hotel overlooking the pretty harbour. Paul had the freshest crab salad.

After a little wander around the shops we decided to drive on to Truro. We had thought about going to Charlestown to see the tall ships as Johnny Depp has been down there filming his new role in Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland but we were running out of time (and I suspected Johnny wouldn't be there).

Truro is a lovely town, sorry, city. I can't believe that I have never been there before. Having gone every year to Port Isaac I have only ventured as far as Newquay before scuttling back to the sleepiness of Port Isaac and the beach of Daymer. Truro is a different experience to the madness of Newquay. It had a nice vibe to it and some great shops. The first one I found was a HUGE fabric shop. I was so very controlled but I have to say I was mesmerised by the amount of great fabrics on offer. I bought a few polka dot cottons and some balls of Rowan cotton for my blanket I am crocheting. Paul said he had never seen so much fabric and living with me that is saying something! I need to go back and spend more time there, this was our time together, not fabric buying time.

We had time to stroll around Truro, have afternoon tea and read newspapers (!)

Strolling back past the venue of the evenings gig, The Hall for Cornwall, who should we spot but the lead singer of Elbow, one Guy Garvey, the band we were going to see! This man's music has seen me through one of the toughest years of my life and his beautiful lyrics really touch me, so to meet this big bear of a man with the sweetest voice was a great thing for me (and I do have a bit of a crush). I would like to say I was cool and calm but I think I was a babbling fool of a woman, a silly middle aged fan who talked utter nonsense but he was so sweet and friendly to us and we stood and chatted for quite a while as he introduced us to other members of his band. My friend Amanda had seen them In Cambridge on Monday, the first date of their tour, and I mentioned this. He said they were nervous that night but he promised they would be 'on fire' for us.

We had supper at an Italian restaurant and after a few glasses of wine I skipped off to the gig I had been waiting for and was not disappointed. Guy and the band were on fire. It was amazing and everything I had hoped it would be. I sat through the first few numbers with tears rolling down my silly face (that would be the wine!)

A truly wonderful day and I can only think of one song to leave you all with so here it is .......

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BusyLizzie said...

Wow! What a fab day you had... makes my day in London look a bit tame.. ha ha.
Have a wonderful weekend, Lizzie xxx

andsewtosleep said...

Oh Donna days like this are sooo good for the soul. Time together is precious and special - I doubt we ever make enough time for each other in amongst 'busy lives'. I hear this band's music coming from my daughters room - but never 'listened' until today
Thanks for sharing
Plan another day soon
Mary xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Donna

Thank you for sharing your lovely day, it's a lovely blog to read. The music is a lovely touch at the end.

Enjoy your weekend.

Lucy x

grumpy old woman said...

I'm so glad your day turned out so well - we all need days like this now and again to feed us, don't we?
The comment about 'reading the newspaper' was funny. It would have been a much more unusual shot to have seen YOU relaxing with the paper! hee hee
How did your photoshoot go yesterday?

hens teeth said...

OMG....a beautiful day indeed. You must still be smiling! I could'nt think of a more perfect day.

trac said...


Yes, we all need days like these sometimes.

The weather has been perfect and makes all the autumn colours look amazing.

Happy Daze! :O)

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

A lovely post Donna - so good to know the two of you are happy again.

Hope to see you tomorrow,
Niki x

Lily and Agathe said...

That salad looks like a mexican hat, was it yummy.. looks like a lovely day Dons for you both xx can't hear the song but I can imagine it's wonderful xx

Vintage to Victorian said...

Hi Donna

So glad the two of you were able to share a day. It makes such a difference in all this hurlyburly-ness we live in, doesn't it.

Dare I say that I've not heard of this band (well, when would I?!!!!) so it was great to hear the song.

What a busy week you've had - super to see you yesterday.

Sue xx

claire Maraldo said...

It looks like you both had a fab time in sunny Cornwall.

Happy days!

Anonymous said...

Hi Donna,
Hubby Phillip & I are sat here listening to your 'Elbow' track, isn't it a powerful song, and as you say the lyrics are great. I'd not heard of them but P had, will definately find out more about them.
Aren't emotional tears of happiness brilliant?
Thanks for cheering me up today, having a sad time at the moment so your blog helped.
Take care

Redwoodhouse said...

Cornwall and sunshine, beautiful.
I don't know if I should admit that I am not familiar with Elbow but after listening to your blog I feel a shopping trip coming on.

lettuce said...

donna what a wonderful day - i loved reading this

wonderful bright weather and you sound so busy and happy



MarmiteToasty said...

Crackington Haven is where we stay whenever we drive down to cornwall :)...... its one of my most favourite places....

Sounds like you had a super day...


The Devil Makes Work said...

Hey Dons,

Looks like such a lovely day and you both look so happy, I am really pleased for you.

Speak soon HoneyBun.


Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

what a lovely time you had and how nice you got to meet him!!!

is it this 25BH's edition your house is in ? think ive just seen it it looks lovely and all christmassy!
Lesley x