Friday, November 14, 2008


Please can anyone help?

I have decided to have linen curtains made up for our living room once it is decorated and now need 30 metres of fabric. Ikea do a great natural linen for £3.99 which is an amazing price. The trouble is I don't live near an Ikea. My nearest one is a 21/2 hour drive away in Bristol but they don't stock it! Is anyone going to an Ikea soon? If so would you be willing to pick up and post some fabric to me? I would be so very grateful and would make it worth your while! Drop me an email or leave a comment with yours if you can help, thank you.

Don't forget to leave a comment on the last post, if you haven't already, for the great Cath Kidston bag full of vintage loveliness.

* Update - The following stores have it in stock - Warrington, Croydon, Edmonton and Milton Keynes. If anyone is going near one of the aforementioned branches please let me know *
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Kristy said...

I live very near the Manchester,Ashton-u-Lyne branch and could easily pop in for you if they have enough in stock.I'm sure they would order that amount in for you. Just let me know.I need an excuse to go anyway!

Anonymous said...

did i tell you we are getting one here in denver? that doesn't help you at all, but i am so excited about it! :D

- saff

hens teeth said...

If you have no luck at Manchester, I can go to Wednesbury for you, no porblem. I need vanilla candles, tea lights, Tea Towels and a cork board!!! Just thought I would tell you that.
ps : have you recovered from meeting Guy yet?

Trac said...

For you to make it worthwhile for me to visit an Ikea store, you would probably have to give me your house or youngest daughter! haha.

I meant to say in the last post, not to enter me for your giveaway. It would be totally wasted on me if I won when there are all these lovely creative people who could actually do something useful with it.

Good luck to you all! :O)

jane and the happy crow said...

Hi Donna What a shame you cant make it to the V&H fair it would have been nice to meet you.
Isn't it frustrating not having an Ikea near us, it takes us over 3 hours to get there, lets hope they have the sense to open one down here soon! Love Jane xx

Lily and Agathe said...

Well I'd love to help and it would give me a good excuse to go to Barcelona, then I'd have the problem of luggage allowance and 30 metres of linen would cost a fortune with those robbers Ryanair !! sadly can't help you much duckie !! I miss Ikea, I haven't been in almost 5 years, can you imagine, 5 years without a meatball, no you can't can you? I know you eat meatballs all the time xx

Trac said...

Isn't 'aforementioned' a nice word? :O)

Never in my life have I tried an Ikea meatball, but this is the second time in as many weeks that I have seen them discussed in/on a blog.

Maybe that's why I hate Ikea so much? I just haven't done the whole Ikea experience properly :O)

claire said...

i can go to the Thurrock one for you when they get it in if that's any help. Hope you get lucky in the meantime tho'.

BusyLizzie said...

sorry I cannot help.. quietly spinning in my own orbit this week.. arghhhh. Hope you get it sorted??? Listened to The Elbow album 3 times in the car today.. fab.... fab.. fab....
lizzie xx

The Devil Makes Work said...

Hey Dons,

I am going to Ikea in Croydon on Friday so can have a look and ring you if they have what you want or not BUT I get whole rolls of Irish Linen from a guy on Ebay for about £30 for a 10 Metre roll, he normally has cream not a natural colour (I assume you mean like a stoney colour). I'll email you his details.


Redwoodhouse said...

thank you Donna, as it happens I have been looking through your fabric today, I did have quite a stash of fabric but am beginning to run low on a suitable 'weight', it needs to be quite fine cotton with a reasonable small print, slightly faded of course, love the French stuff, I am going to have a good search through your site tonight, the dolls are quite dainty so the fabric doesn't need to be in vast amounts, they have a bit of a Miss Haversham look to them so even a little on the worn side is fine. If you think you have anything suitable I would be very interested, I do find it quite difficult to buy from the web and not be able to feel the thickness.
Once agin thank you for the lovely comment.