Monday, June 22, 2009

Flea Market Finds

Yesterday was a great Father's Day for me, I got to leave the kids with their Father and as I have no contact with my own Father I was not expected to visit him. So, I popped to Shepton Mallet with Mum to visit the flea market!

It was a lovely sunny day when I left home and for the first part of the morning it remained that way so Mum and I strolled (rather fast) round the outside stalls. I have my fabric blinkers on when I first go around and sometimes come back for another look at other bits and bobs.
In the afternoon it started to rain so we went indoors.

It was a huge market this time and we were still wandering around at 2.30pm as the stallholders were packing away so fast strolling is the order of the day! There were lots of familiar faces both behind and in front of the stalls and I got to meet a few bloggers, some for the first time, which was lovely. I saw Niki there who had already been back to her car once to load up and hadn't finished shopping so I am sure she will have some goodies to share with us on her blog. I forgot to take many photos as I get overexcited at these markets and forget that I have a camera! I did remember when I got to Lizzie's stall though so here some pictures of her and I together and her stall with those famous green shelves.

I bought some wonderful textiles and loads of them, some beautiful bits from Sue's stall. I spent a small fortune overall but I love everything that I bought and they will all go on the website eventually. Here are some pictures of them.

Quilt pieces

Old French Florals and Ticking

Horrockses Brushed Cottons

Vintage Kid's Fabrics

Fab Fifties Fabrics

Fifties Abstracts

Fifties Roses

More Fab Fifties

1960's Fabrics

Faded Florals and Paisleys

Gorgeous Floral Quilts

Lovely old Wooden Bobbins from Courtaulds

More Union Jacks than you can shake a stick at!

2 Pairs of Brentleighware Ballet Shoes (I already have a red pair)

And last but not least, see that lovely old French cot/daybed? It came home with me!

It currently resides in Lizzy's bedroom and will be her little sofa but will probably be borrowed from time to time as a prop for my stalls. I would have preferred a vintage quilt on it but knowing how rough my two little ones are on the furniture I have opted for a new polka dot one which is more durable.

All in all well worth the 2 hour drive I would say. I wish it were a little nearer to me as I always have a big headache by the time I get home due to the long drive. There is always a great atmosphere and lots of colourful characters. If you haven't been yet do try and visit, it's great fun!

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MelMel said...

Lovely fabric...cute ballet shoes...sweet!x

BusyLizzie said...

Great finds, lovely to see you yesterday. Lizzie xxxx

nath said...

how funny - i was there as well! it was great fun wasn't it? you got lots of beautiful things!

Mandy said...

Wow it looks amazing there.
Love the cot bed/sofa it look beautiful x

Sal said...

I love your new fabrics...and the cot/sofa is a wonderful find!

martha said...

hey donna, i did make the drive up on sunday too i just couldnt resist it. and i tried to find washer woman but i just couldnt find her stall. what an amazing place though, so much beautiful furniture i thought.

Vintage to Victorian said...

Hi Donna

Lovely to see you yesterday, as always. Thanks indeed for your purchases. They've photographed well.

It was certainly a good day and despite there being so many outside pitches I'm glad to say it was also good for those of us inside.

Sue xx

THIS'N'THAT said...

Hi Donna, If you email your address via the email link on my blog, I will post a teatowel to you and then you can send a cheque for the price plust the postage as on the envelope if that's OK?
Lovely to meet you at the flea market. I was rather exhausted by the but photos of my finds follow soon:)

Kitschen Pink said...

Forget two hours - that haul would be worth a 2 week drive! Wonderful beautiful and the daybed is just perfectly at home! t.x

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Donna,
It was lovely to bump into you and your Mum there a better way of spending Father's day? - I think not! ;-))
You did so well finding the lovely fabrics...The brushed cotton (second one down) is sooooo pretty.
And I'm so pleased that you bought the day bed - its perfectly at home in little Lizzie's bedroom.

Have fun with all the laundry and listing!
Niki x

Greedy Nan said...

Yum! What a great find and it will grow with Lizzy too.

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Hello Donna

What wonderful purchases! It seems to have been a really flea market as everyone's purchases are so enviable! I couldn't go as I was organising and preparing a surprise Father's day lunch for Alan & his Father.
Glad that it was worth the 2 hour drive. It's great to have a whole day to yourself doing exactly what you want isn't it!
Take care
Isabelle x

Katie said...

Hello! What a fabulous stash of treasures you found. Love the day bed - just the job for Vintage Magpie bunnies! xxx

Amy said...

Sounds like a fab day - that cot/day bed is just lovely especially with your finishing touches on it x

claire Maraldo said...

Looks like you got lots of treasures. I love those brushed cottons. I have a yearning for some cosy flannels pillowcases for the winter. ! I will visit your shop when I get back from my hols.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Oh my oh my what extreme lovliness. You have no idea how much time I spend looking at your lovely fabric. I am going to purchase the 2 I want so much since you have your generous sale and I must nab them before the end of the month. I have so many lovely women on my blog that get me things that I didn't want to tell them how much I wanted your fabric because I didn't want them to get them for me (you wouldn't believe how many things come in the mail! It is embarassing) or I didn't want them to get them before I did. I love love love your fabric and your fabulous finds. Thanks for being you Donna.

Redwoodhouse said...

Hi Donna, so lovely to visit your fab blog again I have been with out a comp for ages. Looks like a fantastic haul from Shepton we are of on hols for 3 weeks so will need a fabric fix when I get back will contact you then.

Jane said...

I just found your blog, you have a lovely home.
I live in Bath so it was a surprise to me to hear that shepton mallet has such a large market....nobody told me ! :)
I enjoyed reading all your news,
I shall be back!