Sunday, May 02, 2010

Vintage and Handmade

The Vintage and Handmade Fair was held today and was another great event.  The brainchild of Jayne and Michele, this was the 4th fair and it has become very popular with queues of eager shoppers waiting to get in.  Sadly this time I forgot my camera but 10 minutes before the crowds poured in I remembered my phone and took a few photos of my stall and the stalls just next to me.

There was the lovely Lizzie  who had her usual mix of delicious fabrics, vintage treasures and gorgeous clothes.

Next to her was Amanda Shabby Chick who was far from her home town, Totnes, with her lovely Mum.

Opposite Amanda was Daniella from Acorn and Will with her beautiful, colourful, vintage treasures and handmade goodies.

Unfortunately these are the only photos I took, and they are not very good quality,  because then it got busy and stayed busy until late in the afternoon.  Luckily there are many other bloggers who took photos so no doubt there will be some great shots posted in the next few days.

I always love to buy at these fairs but this time I was quite controlled (for me) but I will share the treasures I got.

This lovely plastic bag came home with me via the lovely Amanda.

I bought some beautiful Heals fabrics which were brought to me by a sweet customer of mine.

I also purchased this pretty eiderdown from her.

I couldn't resist this  tea towel from Claire.  I love her  elf and toadstool illustrations and she is my favourite designer being the creator of my logo!

I treated myself to this beautiful brooch made by the very talented and lovely Viv.

These delicious candy coloured cups with their contrasting floral saucers and plates were on Lucy's stall and I knew they would be perfect for my Open House teas.

One of the things I love about doing the fairs is getting to meet people that I have had contact with either on the phone or online as they buy from my website or read my blog. It is so nice to put a face to a name.  I had many people buy from me and at the end of the transaction shyly say how much they love my blog. This made me so happy  as there are times when I wonder if anyone will find it interesting!  A sweet couple over from Italy on holiday managed to tell me, in faltering English, that they always read my blog.  So for all of you lovely readers, who never leave a comment but enjoy my blog anyway, a big hello, and thank you for being here!

There were so many beautifully dressed women at the fair both customers and stallholders. On more than one occasion I had to have a stroke of someone's dress due to the gorgeous fabric and there were more Cath Kidston bags than you could shake a stick at!

A funny thing happened.  Jayne, Lizzie and I turned up in vintage dresses and coloured plimsoles.  We hadn't discussed this beforehand but it seemed to be the uniform of the day!  This is a great photo, borrowed from Jayne, taken by her husband.


There are some wonderful new and exciting books around and I always want to buy them.  Luckily I had a birthday recently so was treated to this gorgeous book

 Horrockses Fashion: Off-the-Peg Fashion in the 40s and 50s

I am really looking forward to the exhibition later this year and when I go I will be wearing my Horrockses dress.

Another book that I really loved, but couldn't justify buying, was this one .

My Cool Caravan: An Inspirational Guide to Retro-Style Caravans 

So imagine how pleased I was to find out that I was mentioned in the back as a supplier of fabric for anyone doing up a vintage caravan, (thanks to Sairer for the tip off).  Suddenly I could justify buying it and very glad I did too, it's a beautiful book and I want a vintage caravan now! Pin It


Catherine said...

Lovely! Wish I could have been there! Cx

Cowboys and Custard said...

It was a lovely day and always as a result of the super 'family' of people who come to make it what it is..Thank you Donna for your support and your beautifully styled stall and uniform!! I wish I had worn my dress now and my pink plimsolls.

Michele xx

Josephine Tale Peddler said...

Lovely photos and I have long hankered for a vintage caravan. I love the toadstool teatowel and your bag as well. xx

summerfete said...

Hello Donna

I do like your blog too, though failed to mention it when purchasing the hexagon patchwork bag from you!

Which I went on to use in the afternoon and was seen by the whole of Bath. I especially loved sitting next to someone with an expensive CK bag, whilst I was clutching my original and by far the prettier bag!

So thankyou I had a lovely day!

hensteeth said...

Donna it was a real treat to see you yesterday. Thanks so much and I look forward very much to seeing you soon. Oh by the way 'plan b' are great! x

BusyLizzie said...

It was certainly a fab day.. so looking forward to the next one!!! (What will the footwear be?) xx

vintagerockchick said...

Looks like a fantastic event - wish it was a bit nearer! you got some fabulous purchases, and thanks for the link to the Horrockses exhibition - I definitely will be going there x

Country Cottage Chic said...

It was lovely to have you there again & thanks for helping to make the fair such a success. Your dress was like a ray of spring sunshine.
I think we should make colourful plimsolls compulsory at the fair from now on!


Bobo Bun said...

Sounds a brilliant day Donna. I think I need to arrange an East Coast away day for the bloggers over here so we can come and say hello to you all too.

Perfect cups, I've been on the hunt for a while now and only find the cups, no saucers.

Like your uniforms too.

Lisa x

THIS'N'THAT said...

Just wanted to say that your fabrics looked great. Didn't have a chance to talk, you were so busy (which was good to see:). A vintage caravan is on my wish list but ... don't know if I'll get one. Only comfort is that I did it first time round when we took family caravan hols from when I was 5 to 50!!
Lesley X

Grumpy Old Woman said...

Yes, it was a lovely day, wasn't it? I really enjoyed meeting all the people who attended - this sort of event seems to attract the nicest customers!

I'm so looking forward to your open house later this month, Donna.


Greedy Nan said...

You look as though you had a lovely time but fancy forgetting your camera - tsk, tsk - your phone stood in for it well though. That caravan books looks good - will have to try and get one - and the caravan to go with it.

Clare said...

Thanks again for the fabric...I have stroked it lovingly several that wrong?!

Linden said...

Lovely stall Donna you had, You were very busy else I would of spoke as havn't seen you since our school days at Heathfield.
Second time ive been & it didnt disappoint me again such lovely stalls with so many pretties !

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Donna,
Lovely to see you again - Sounds like you really enjoyed the day.
I too have been wondering whether to carry on Blogging, but like you say, when the feedback comes from a face to face meeting, its such a feel-good moment.
I keep looking at everyone's photos of the day and see things I wished I had purchased...Viv's broohces are fab and will be on my shopping list for next time...I'll also think about buying plimsoles and a floral dress...but somehow I'm not sure they are me...especially for November!

Congrats on the mention in the book - Fabulous!

Hope you've had a restful BH,
Love Niki x

Attic24 said...

hello my lovely....I just bought the gorgeous cool caravan book last week adn noticed your name there there with a smile...came to tell you about it but see you'd already heard.
Am soooosososoos excited cos we bought ourselves a little caravan last week too, not quite vintage yet at 18yrs old, but ripe for a fandabidozy makeover project :o)
Lovely to catch up with you

Tamsyn said...

That looks like a fab day, I must make it to the nov one:) lots of gorgeous goodies. Love the little teacups:)Congrats on the mention in the caravan book. Have a great week x

Fabric Nation said...

That fair looks so perfect. Love the plimsols an dresses pics. I've worn that combination since my teens! We used to love wearing deck shoes, walking socks and fifties frocks. Can't wait for that exhibition either.

Alex said...

I love visiting your blog - the pretty pictures always brighten my day!

LissyLou said...

The fair was lovely, as was your stall....i bought some pretty yellow flowery fabric off you.
Love that did i miss that!!!!

LissyLou x

Anonymous said...

Love the little teacups:)
Caroline White

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Florence and Mary said...

Hi Donna!

Thank you for having the quilt for me to buy! It's still sitting comfortably on my sofa at the moment and I do enjoy looking at it... and of course there have been one or two evenings I've snuggled up under it!

Victoria xx

Rob said...
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Rob said...

Hi Donna,

I’ve been surfing the web today and I stumbled across your rather eye catching blog....“Snippets and scraps from the life of a fabricaholic”. My names Rob and I’m e-mailing on behalf of Dorset Cereals based in Dorchester. I really enjoyed reading your site and am pleased to see that you are also a fan of arts, crafts and all things colourful. I wanted to touch base and mention that we at Dorset Cereals are giving away a super new vintage style VW Camper Van in an online competition, which could offer you or your readers a bit of motoring fun whilst captivating that vintage, retro twist which you are so enthused with!! I thought this exciting competition may be of interest to your blog readers and was wondering whether you would be interested in showing the competition link on your site (draw takes place on 2nd June – so not long to go!). If not then please don’t worry.
If you wish to know more or would like to link up with us in any other way, please feel free to contact me at; Otherwise there is information displayed about the prize draw on our website.
I have to admit, I think your fabrics would look good in the Camper, although I’m not sure where you find the space to store it all!!
Hope to hear from you soon,