Friday, July 09, 2010

Bits and Bobs

The first Vintage and Handmade Textile Fair has now been and gone and was very well attended.  There were some beautiful stalls with both fabrics and handmade items of a textile nature.  Two rooms filled with some extraordinarily talented, and quite lovely, people!  I didn't take a single picture sadly but  there are a few others who did and there is also a flickr group so do check out the photos.

My stall was right next to Woo's so I got to spend lots of time with her and to see her beautiful handmade goodies.  Lucky for you she had a few items left so do pop on over to her Folksy store before they all go!

I got quite a few lovely bits from the fair myself including   this gorgeous knitting bag from Katie

This child's sized airer from Lizzie

This huge wooden bobbin thing, which I will use for my twine.

This pretty polka dot cushion, made from her own fabric, from Sarah Hardaker.

and fabrics of course!

Since being back I have been adding more pretty fabrics to the website, so here are this week's patchwork samplers!

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Hen said...

Oh drool. You are a very naughty lady putting this temptation in my path!
Actually, I've spent this morning "stripping", ie. cutting lots of strips of yummy vintage fabrics ready for the next stage, squares, for a patchwork cushion order. I can only imagine this has played havoc with my stock levels which may need topping up...
Hen x

ted and bunny said...

I'm drooling along with Hen.
The only problem is that I have NO excuse at all, and I also have a stockroom full of fabric!
Your fabrics are always so gorgeous, I even like just looking at the photos :))

Have a lovely weekend

Grumpy Old Woman said...

Yes, the fair was wonderful, wasn't it? And meeting all those lovely people was a treat.
The new fabrics look yummy!

Clare said...

Oooh there are some beauties there Donna!

Cowboys and Custard said...

Thank you for bringing your wonderful flair to the fair Donna! Every time I popped my head out of the serving hatch in the kitchen.. there were ladies admiring your beautiful vintage dresses.

Michele x