Monday, May 07, 2012

Sewing Room - Homespun Style (part 2)

Do you remember this?  Well, I took a bit of time to sleep on it and do a little thinking about colours etc and now the room is nearing completion.

The dilemma of the blue cupboard was solved by painting the pink shelves grey.  I think this works so much better and means I could keep the blue.  I used vintage wallpapers to cover the doors and the back of the shelves.

The crates have started to fill up with fabrics, books and cases.

The yellow cabinet has a few fabrics in too!

My little work station.

My prized Dottie Angel bunting.  I think I was lucky to get this when I did as Tif is now busy writing a book and has little time to make things for her shop.

I couldn't resist these lovely antlers bought from Sophie at Fading Grace.  My new dilemma is whether to do a makeover on them or to leave them as they are. The purist in me tells me to leave them whilst the crafty madam favours a makeover!

My little grey shelves are filling up with haberdashery and other nonsense.  I can't resist a bit of kitsch!

Craft books and yarn.

 I gave my Barsony lamp a new lampshade. This was a makover of a boring drum shade using some lovely 1950's fabric.  It will do for now until I get an original Barsony lampshade. These are quite hard to find as I discovered that Ms Barsony hails from Australia and that the lampshades are pretty rare.

Jars of scraps and cotton reels are everywhere and my lovely 1940's sewing machine cover was a very cheap find from the Vintage Bazaar.

While I was at it, I tidied up the downstairs, which I have made up like a shop using my old shop fittings that were previously in the house.  I keep all my  fabric and haberdashery bits for my personal use in these cabinets.

One day, when the children are big, I hope to have my own shop, a place where people can come and visit. In the meantime I can just play!

Well there you have it.  I hope you have enjoyed the tour and I would love to hear what you think.

Now I just need to make some crafty time for myself and enjoy the new space I have made. Pin It


Trixie@ the vintage bothy said...

Wow! Donna the whole place is wonderful, I especially love the crates and lello cupboard. T x

Ted and Agnes said...

Looking fabulous Donna, hope we get to visit one day Rxx

Jane said...

Wow! What a wonderful collection. I especially like your old thread cases. It's beautiful to see this stuff treasured, valued and displayed.

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Just GEORGEOUS! What a fantastic room! The antlers are lovely but a little of vintage adornment never did anyone (or deer) any harm! enjoy your room Donna, it's the bees knees, :)

Country Cottage Chic said...

It all looks wonderful - I have workroom envy!

hensteeth said...

My goodness Donna, you have worked hard. I really don't know how you do it girl. Such attention to detail...absolutely beautiful.

Fading Grace said...

It just looks amazing...I'll come to your shop!! :-) xx

ted and bunny said...

how lovely to just sit in, even if you don't do any work!

Mrs. H said...

It looks amazing, and I would definitely come and visist your shop. Good job you got the gates fitted as you are going to have to keep the crowds out!!!
: )

thriftwood said...

Ooh, how lucky you are to have a workroom, especially one as pretty as this! Looking at your threads and paraphernalia makes me feel very nostalgic and brings back memories of my Mam who was an upholstress (that spelling doesn't look right!). She would have loved this, but had to make do with the kitchen table! Love it! Have a lovely Bank Holiday, Claire xx

gillyflower said...

It all looks absolutely amazing! Love the patchwork fabrics/wallpapers backing the shelves and cupbaords, and all the painted pieces, and loving the crate storage too - envy!!!! My sewing room is a complete tip!
But the "shop" full of lovely wooden fittings full of goodies is just to die for!
Well done, you must have worked so hard, it looks fantastic Donna!
Gill xx

Runnerduck said...

Simply perfect.

I love the crates and the books oh and the yarns and the bottle of buttons and the downstairs display cabinets and the colours and the wall papers, the work space is very inviting and I shall look forward to having a peep next time we get together.

I know you will be filled with inspiration working in your delightful space, enjoy x

Jelly Jam said...

Wow Donna, it looks amazing. Bet it just makes you want to sit down to play there!
Love your cabinets. A tall one with glass fronted drawers is my dream find. I did once have one of the counter type ones but sadly it was just too big for our house so I sold it. Maybe one day...

Paula said...

What a very inspiring work place you have created. Absolutely gorgeous. Loving all the dresser units, crates and cabinets. I just love painted furniture.

Love your shop too! The fun and games to be had there in amongst many a day dream.

Thanks for sharing such an awe inspiring work room.

P x

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

Love the pretty fabrics in the back of those cabinets :) ~Smiles, Holly

Anonymous said...

I am jealous! I love all your cabinets.

Michelle said...

Your own little shop? That's wonderful!

claire Maraldo said...

I am very envious of your beautiful work space.

Mine is shockingly squalid by comparision.

But I have new kittens so that is my excuse for poor housekeeping.

Come on over and squee! at the new pix

Claire x

Mrs. Sutton said...

AMAZING!!! What an incredible space for you to create - and as for your 'shop' - well, I am utterly blown away by your attention to details, as well as your collection of fabrics and craft materials. Of course you will have your shop in the future - your dedication shows that it will happen, and I hope to visit it one day too! Best wishes, Paula xx

Hen said...

Whoooo both these spaces are looking fabulous. Must get on with my quilting room. You have been a very busy bee! Looking forward to seeing you soon. Must be due a restock?
Hen xxx

Katie said...

I have gone COMPLETELY green with envy after seeing your photos! You have the most exciting collection of loveliness I've ever seen, you lucky lady! Katie x

Cathy at PotterJotter said...

Wow! So much gorgeousness in one room! I would just go in there and sit and gaze - I wouldn't be able to work - too much to see! xCathy

Deb said...

I just love your room and all the wonderful things in it. I could sit and look at everything all day.

Holly Field Designs said...

Hello! I really LOVE your sewing space, and the creative way everything is displayed. We like all the same things.... imagine that! I've just discovered your post, and have enjoyed reading past postings.

lemonade kitty said...

I've just been given my late sister's "draper's cupboard" and I remembered your post about your lovely cupboards, it's similar to your's but it's been painted cream and it has fabric behind the glass. Please op over when you have a minute and have a peek, Lucey x

Kimberly Erskine said...

Where did you get the dolls/figurines in the blue cupboard? I love them! I'm a new follower of your blog, so I apologize if you covered that in the past.