Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sorting out

I'm not sure  why, but, for the last few weeks I have been sorting through my 'things'. I have  a lot of 'things', being the kind of hoarder/collector kind of girl that I am, and my house gets rather full and messy at times.  Every now and again I feel that the balance has tipped and the messiness has really started to get to me so a big sort out is needed!

Last Saturday, my wardrobes were the focus of my latest sort out. 

It happened after ironing a pile of clothes, I realised that I could not possibly fit any more into my wardrobe.  Something had to give.  I  have a regular weed out, and charity shop purge, but things had got out of hand. 

The time had come, I needed to halve my wardobe!

First stage was to  empty the entire contents of my wardrobe onto my bed

Nothing was to go back into my wardobe unless I LOVED it!

The top pile was to go, bottom pile stays.

Shoes next, eeeeeek!!!

5 Big bags are selected to be turfed out.

My beloved and much worn Converse are sorted out and stored in a drawer.

Shirts, shorts, skirts, all sorted and staying!

Dresses.  I love my dresses and now can see what I have.

My vintage dresses.  All organised and ready to wear.

It was a horrible job but I'm so glad I did it and now the excess has been sent to charity shops or  listed on ebay.

Has anyone else caught the clearout bug?
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oldflowers4me said...

i love your world...any time you need a cup of tea and a little lilac cake come over to my house..

Country Cottage Chic said...

Can you come and do mine now?

Mrs. H said...

It must be something in the water!
mine started with the Country Living collection and has now progressed to the wool basket and knitting bag, spare room next then the dreaded basement!
: )

ted and bunny said...

mine started after turfing out lazy stock for the Rag Market at Frome on Saturday, then went to my wardrobe for things I knew at the time I shouldn't have bought- your fault Mr Boden- (alas our house is too small for keeping large amounts of clothes, its a one-in-one-out rule!) progressed to the larder where I can now see the shelves, then to the freezer...then Bruce's tackroom where I gathered a load of unused stuff to sell for Brooke Hospital for Horses.
I think I'm done now!
See you Saturday?

thriftwood said...

You've really inspired me! I can't see the wood for the trees in my wardrobe, so as it's raining, think I'll make a start now, thank you! xxx

Miss Magpie said...

It clearly is in the air at the moment. I had last week off work and tackled my wardrobe on wednesday, it took me pretty much all day though I was nowhere near as ruthless as I probably should have been so it is still wedged full, just not quite as much as before!

Anonymous said...

This made me smile, I am at my tipping point, and know what I must do. It takes me awhile to rev up the enthusiasm, knowing what a long and painful process it is, deciding what stays ant what needs to be given away. My shed has definitely helped me to organise my fabrics and has returned my bedroom to a bedroom, bur still too much stuff......

Vintage Tea Time said...

Well done, you! Result. I did a big sort out of scarves and jewelry a few weeks back. I had the world's collection of scarves and enough jewelry to match every outfit ten times over, including my pyjamas! Offloaded some to my 3 daughters and the rest went to Oxfam :)

Fading Grace said...

the hoarder in me is saying that I would of quite liked to go through the stuff you chucked out!! whoops, well done on your will power :-) looking forward to saturday have been saving my pennies, see you then xx