Tuesday, July 19, 2005

So are we all on Blogger now then? Can I abandon my Diaryland now that I have just paid up as a gold member?

Tuesday is Weight Watchers day so I set off for Barnstaple to get weighed. There was an accident on the link road so a 20 minute journey took me 1.5 hours. I was so worried that I might miss being weighed as this is the last week I can guarantee being there, next week is school hols! I got there just as they were packing away. Only 1/2lb lost this week, poo! Still a loss is a loss I guess but I had hoped to be 1/2 a stone lighter by the time I go to Port Isaac at the end of August. I must be stricter with myself but I have found a deep love for wine I never knew I had and love a glass (or 2) at the end of a stressful day. Maybe that's why my baby is so calm and placid, she's pissed!

Monsoon have their sale so I bought some gorgeous little things for Lizzy. It's such fun having a dolly to dress. Jasmine was with me so I ended up buying more than I would have. Alfie has been invited to 4 birthday parties in the next few weeks, all girls, so we got some lovely girlie stuff for pressies. I was quite restrained in buying for myself and just got a pretty blue silk camisole. Not sure how practical it will be for breastfeeding but who knows I might get to go out one day :-/

I came home to find a couple of parcels from ebay. All fabric of course. One was simply delicious, vintage linen-like floral fabric that is just to die for but the other two, Cath Kidston, cabbage stock, half price, fabric was frankly disappointing. The red polka dot was the wrong colour and the dots a different size. The other fabric (said to be a new Cath Kidston) was not the quality I expect from Cath. So I have emailed the seller and told her I want a refund. I know my Cath, I've bought enough of it, and it's just simply not good enough!!! Hehehehehe, I know, I know, if that's all I've got to be stressed about, my life aint that bad. Talking of Cath, ebay have 'pulled' one of my listings for mentioning that the fabric is 'like Cath Kidston'. This is forbidden apparently in case I mislead the bidder. I would like to know who might be mislead by a listing that clearly states it is vintage Sanderson but similar to Cath Kidston! Ah well, I guess she needs the money.

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Calamity Tat said...

You both look so beautiful. Have you set your comments so anyone can leave messages only Euro-Trac asked........ Wish we had money, wish I could come and drink wine and eat scones......

euro-trac said...

What a beautiful photograph! I'm staying with diaryland for a while at least. I just can't find the time to sit down at the computer for long enough to work out how to do stuff at the moment. (my only talent with a computer is buying stuff!) Txx
I want wine and scones too!