Sunday, April 16, 2006 - Glitter Graphics

Happy Birthday Jazzy my little darling. Enjoy your day xxx
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wendy said...

That is one gorgeous sixteen year old - the boys will be beating a path to your door soon - if not already!

Happy Birthday Jazz!

Molly Bloom said...

Happy Birthday! It's all birthdays at your house at the moment. I hope you had a great day yesterday! Your daughter is so beautiful.

Happy Birthday!
My little Lily just said, 'OOOh, look at that little baby..' She's a little tinker!

Donna said...

Already Wendy, already!!!!

cream said...

So many birthdays this week!
Beautiful lass!
Oh to be sixteen once again!
Hope she had a great one!

euro-trac said...

*Wow! Happy Birthday Jazzy!*
Hi! As I was unable for 'security reasons' to leave you a birthday blog, I'm making your blog the first I comment on, now I'm back hehehe!...
Hope you had a great birthday!
Your daughter is beautiful! :o)