Friday, April 28, 2006

The Tooth Fairy

Dear Tooth Fairy

Please can you come and take Alfie's first tooth tonight and leave him a little silver instead? Please try not to drink too much wine and forget!

Thank you so much
Alfie's mum xxxxxx

P.S Does anyone know the going rate for teeth these days?
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ramblingwoman said...

In our house the tooth fairy leaves £1 but quite often she forgets and the children don't seem to mind too much. They understand that the fairy sometimes is too busy and couldn't find a slot (a bit like shopping with Sainsbury's on line)!

But I did know someone who once got £10! for one tooth!!!

muddy red shoes said...

Yep its a quid, or a euro depending on the tooth fairys nationality, but it has to be a really shiny coin. They make the teeth into little spades you know.
Fab pic of Alfie, what a grin!

grumpy old woman said...

Awwwwww - his first tooth!! You forgot to mention it when we met up today ..... hurrahfor Alfie!
Hope the fairies came?

grumpy old woman said...

Oh, my mistake - I was convinced that this entry was headed by Thursday's date and as we met up on Friday .. well, you can see that I would have thought it had slipped your mind ..... I must say my mind is very slippery lately! hee hee
I'm so pleased that the fairies got their act together - well done them.

Léons Life said...

Here in France he gets 2 euros, so I think that would be about £1.50 §

euro-trac said...

'tis a quid in my house! (and she's always late!)

Calamity Tat said...

Same here 2 euros and she's always about three days late! great photo of Alf..

PG said...

Crumbs, it used to be an old shilling when I were a lassie...(and you could still change it for 2 and a half pence!)

Roxy Simmons said...

$5 here, which probably works out to around 2.50 GBP. which reminds me, we owe for a molar lost last weekend! hahahah. bad tooth fairy.

lettuce said...

Oh it was sixpence at most, when I was little!!! a whole shilling?

LG gets a pound, when we remember!

Then she leaves it lying on the shelf for weeks, until I reclaim it and she never notices!!!

What a bad mother.