Saturday, September 30, 2006

News and Views

I have a few bits of news to share with you, things that have happened within the last month, of which I haven't told you before, so here's an update:

1. Jasmine did very well in her GCSE's. We were very proud of her and I think she was pleased with herself too considering that she turned into a party animal just as her exams started (and calmed down just as they ended!).

2. She is now at college studying A Levels in History, English Lit and Lang, Photography and Media.

3. She has got herself a weekend job at Top Shop which is where most of her wages used to go anyway so it means that she will now get more for her money when she gets 25% off (and so do I, hooray).

4. Lizzy is walking at last. She took her first few stumbles on holiday and now there is no turning back. She totters everywhere with her pidgeon toed gait, swaying from side to side like a drunken old man! She gets up in the morning and just walks round and round the house shouting "Mumum" all day long.

5. I have to wear reading glasses! I am absolutely devastated at this piece of news. I who have always had 20/20 vision, I who have been my mum's eyes for her, looking out for the numbers on buses when I was a little girl,

I noticed that when trying to read instructions on packets or when threading a needle I was holding things further away. Jasmine complained of having sore eyes and headaches so I booked her an eye test. While I was waiting for her I tried on some ready readers and, lo, everything was clear! I was very unhappy when trying to find a pair of glasses. The man in the opticians tried to be helpful. I was so unhappy that I missed out on the fact that he looked like Johnny Depp (a fact told to me when we got out by Jasmine). I know it's just a vanity thing but it means I am getting older. It's not even the glasses per se it's the fact that my eyesight is failing and I am not good at failing things. I know it's just reading glasses at the moment but it's only a matter of time before I have to have the full-on Olives (from On The Buses)!

Anyway, enough wallowing in self-pity, I leave you with a photo of one of our hen's eggs. On the left is a normal sized egg (which are way bigger than shop-bought eggs) and on the right is a HUGE egg, a double yolker in fact. I just wish I knew which one of our girls produced such a specimen. It must have been a bit of an eye-waterer!

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Calamity Tat said...

I am sure full-on Olives will be very sexy on you Dons... always look on the bright side of life, at least it's not you laying eggs that size !!!

Oh Lizzy walking, sweet :-)
and Jasmine at college, I'm sorry she's grown up, when did that happen???

Donna said...

hehehe but Tatty darling you forget, my last egg was a whopper, almost a 10lb'er! Yes thank goodness I won't be laying any more of those ;-)

grumpy old woman said...


Roxy Simmons said...

talking of reading glasses... i think i will have to get some to read the size font you used! ;p


euro-trac said...

Reading glasses can be very sophisticated and you will look gorgeous!!


I'm more worried about you having a Johnny Depp look-a-like optician and you didn't notice?? :O)x

Anonymous said...

Reading glasses!!
Yes, I have been wearing some for the last couple of years! I've lost 4 expensive pairs so far...
I went to our pound shop and got two new pairs for £1 each obviousment! And they're as good as the others.
Well done, Jasmine!

kelly said...

I have no doubt that you look like a sexy secretary in the reading glasses.

Your daughters are both beauties... and the egg, well, that really is incredible, poor bird though.

Antipodeesse said...

In France we say "Fille à lunettes, fille à quéquettes !" which is a very saucy way of saying "Boys makes passes at girls who wear glasses".

So your sex appeal should increase by a few notches on the Phwoar! scale. I do believe you are already very highly placed anyway!

Kitty said...

She certainly is - highly placed on the Phwoar! scale, that is!

Well done Jasmine and well done Lizzie.

ramblingwoman said...

Lots of news there Dons!

Bit worrying the glasses though....I think I'm going the same way too. I always take small print to the window to read in the day light...I'm just putting off the inevitable.

I've booked the CL tickets. See you on the Thursday then - 8th November.

Donna said...

Oh thank you lovely people, you sure know how to make a girl feel good but are you sure you all have your specs on? :-)

Roxy - sorry about the small font, don't know what happened there!

Cream - I too invested in a spare pair of £1 readers to keep in my sewing box. They look and behave identically to my expensive ones. I have to say I resented having to spend any money on them at all, cos I DON'T WANT THEM!!!! Sorry for shouting :-/

Luce - looking forward to seeing you but are you just testing me to see if I am paying attention? Thursday will be the 9th of November. Do you actually own a calender darling? You're not doing another Father's Day on us are you? Hehehehe

gena said...

Yes I sympethise with the reading glasses, I have them too and I am hopeless without them now, I struggle to read anything small on food packets etc.Jasmine is a stunner! well done on the exam results and look out Top shop! strangely its where my first job was at jasmines age and I loved it.And the baby is walking! aw!that will keep you on your toes Donna!

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Donna,
Wow, that egg is a doozy!! It's amazing how many eggs they produce isn't it- our hens lay through the winter too...
Hope to see you at Honiton!! I hadn't noticed the typo, or I would have confirmed it!!- Proves those reading glasses are doing a great job!!!
Love Niki.x

Roxy Simmons said...

top shop was where i started out too :) just a saturday job though, in 1985 woohoo!

i had a butchers at the site the other day and there's a gorgeous grey pair of ankle boots that i love (but would never be able to walk in). aldo have a similar pair featured in the US style magazine.


lettuce said...

ouch, that brings back some painful birthing memories!

Gratz to Jaz! hope she enjoys her A levels, sounds like a good combination, i wouldn't mind doing that lot.

As for the reading glasses.... I'm actually remembering and having to use mine more and more these days.... but still holding out against the varifocals. My distance vision is still v. good, so I WONT WONT WONT wear glasses all the time before I absolutely have to! After all, I can always print my lecture notes out in a larger font!!

But I'm sure you will look v. sexy in yours. M says I look like Germaine Greer in mind. I don't think he means in a good way either.

Lovely pic. of lizzie. We've recently watched some video of LG's first walking, really brings a lump to my throat! that "broken-knicker-elastic run of chickens everywhere"! (the wonderful Terry Pratchett)

And finally - you're right, it is the 9th!

Calamity Tat said...

I see you've been spreading the L&A word again Dons, thanks.... was it a good fair?