Thursday, September 14, 2006

Super Swaps

Well Gimme your stuff worked a treat. I got two wonderful packages in the post this week. Firstly from this lovely lady, I got some gorgeous vintage kimono fabric, a corsage made from the same fabric, some more vintage fabric, some vintage ribbons, a big bar of chocolate and a mini Blythe doll (chocolate not pictured due to scoffage!). I have sent her a parcel that I hope she is as pleased with as I was with mine.

Then, from Japan, this lovely lady sent me some cute Japanese fabrics, some gorgeous lace trim, a pretty little bracelet and a letter writing set. Totally cute! A parcel is winging it's way to Japan as we speak.

Isn't this fun? It's like having a birthday every day. I can highly recommend it, in fact if you are into swapping and want to join in then there is a great vintage swap going on over here. Pin It


lettuce said...

oh yes, its such fun.

Lovely fabrics.
Did you see Memoirs of a Geisha? the fabrics were wonderful.

Kitty said...

Better not tell Ruth about the vintage swap. She might decide to swap me!!

Thanks for the lovely comment you wrote about me leaving and for the email. YOu are a real sweetie.

Anyway, I couldn't stand being away so I have come back. No willpower, that's my problem. But who cares. It's good to be back.

Roxy Simmons said...

does it work with husbands?

ramblingwoman said...

Yes, a husband swop would be a good idea!

Hi Dons! Yes, it would be great to meet at the CL fair! I only have the thursdays off now (sad face) so it could be the Thursday (or the Saturday of course). Which day do you usually go?

grumpy old woman said...

hee hee Roxy!

Lovely lovely swap items Dons.
Don't forget to show and tell next time I'm visiting


grumpy old woman said...

Ooooh, forgot to say "welcome back" Le Chat - I've missed you :o}

grumpy old woman said...

Oh, and another thing ........
(I wanted to add this to your last blog but blogger woudn't let me) ..
you make the BEST soup Dons xxxx

grumpy old woman said...

Just ONE more thing!

I've included the 3D poodle in my blog now - OK?


rebecca said...

Your fantastic parcel arrived today !!! I love everything especially the tin and the lovely buttons inside. So generous of you - thank you. Will be posting about the goodies very soon. Have lovely weekend.
Rebecca x

grumpy old woman said...

Mmmmmm, I've now been able to have a drool over your recent swap items in the flash - yummy!

BTW I've posted the question "When IS the CL Christmas Fair - will I be in Australia?" over on RW's blog.

Answer on a foolscap sheet of paper ASAP please.


grumpy old woman said...


funny comment Dons -

well, if you DON'T tell me when it is I'll find out anyway.
Then I'll explain to LeChat what twinsets are AND I'll arrange to meet her there and we'll BOTH stalk you guys and take candid shots of you fondling buttons and, oh, I don't know what else, the mind boggles ..........

grumpy old woman said...

Oh, OK, I will be in Australia then. What a shame - sorry Le Chat - we could have had such fun!

PS - re: your last comment on Lettuce's blog - would you like to expand on that??

Kitty said...

Why thank you GOW - bit rude of me to be chatting to you in Dons box (that prob means something rude too!) but then I too scored badly on the manners quiz - and yes it is a shame you are away. I'd love to try a bit of stalking.

Button fondling though!! I quite like a bit of that.

studio7 said...

awesome.. Dons..I'm sending out your package on Monday.

Thanks sweety.

Calamity Tat said...

Yep !!!!
about everything !!!
kisses xxxx

Molly Bloom said...

Dear Dons....your blog has always been a source of great joy. Beautiful pics. Beautiful you. Always so full of wonderful ideas and fantastic, creative pieces. I always remember seeing your lovely drawers full of fabric. I was so jealous...I just wanted to put my hands on all of those cool sheets of colours. Oh, enjoy the lovely world of creativity. I love itxxxx

Donna said...

Molly sweet, that is such a lovely comment. I'm just happy that you come and visit my blog from time to time :-)

euro-trac said...

The problem that I often have here is that I end up looking at your fab pics and then forget what I was going to say! :O)x

Roxy Simmons said...

we need another update! i demand an update! ;p