Friday, December 01, 2006


Well it's the first of December, the day when we can start to talk about CHRISTMAS!!! The children received their advent calendars this morning. A nativity one for Alfie who is obsessed with the nativity right now. They are practising their nativity at school, he is to play the Angel Gabriel (my little Anakin-Skywalker-turning-to-the-dark-side is to be the Angel Gabriel, hahahaha) and they are holding it in the barn at The Big Sheep, such fun! Lizzy had The Snowman, which immediately prompted Alfie to dig out the video which he watched (for the 1,000th time) with Lizzy. This is one of the most beautiful little films and I remember taping it from the telly when I was expecting my first child, now, some 17 years later, my little ones are still entranced and I have to say I adore it too. Jasmine had the Cadbury's one, at her request, 'there's nothing like Cadbury's at Christmas mum' she said. I have to agree, I'm a Cadbury's girl myself.

Lizzy watching The Snowman in her Jimmies and sheep slippers!

I am finding it difficult to blog at the moment, time just doesn't allow. I don't take blogbatticals, some days I write, some days I don't, but life is just so hectic right now that I barely have time to straighten my hair! One of the reasons for not being on the computer is that I have been sewing little things for Christmas, which if you want to you can see here. If you are related to me, DO NOT LOOK (yes Roxy, that means you!) I have also been working on my website which still has a few teething problems but will be up and running soon no doubt, watch this space.

In my mind there is nothing nicer than handmade goods and there are some wonderful places to buy Christmas cards and gifts on the internet. Apart from the wonderful Lily and Agathe, of which you are all aware by now, (unless you have been living on the moon!), there are beautiful cards to be bought from Red Flannel Elephant, designed by our very own Gretel, Cherry Menlove has a wonderful site selling cottage chic handmade items and of course Niki has some beautiful reworked vintage handmade items that are just adorable. Pin It


Tess Tennison said...

I ALWAYS cry when the snowman melts at the end. My children think I am crazy - but it always seems such a shattering of dreams to me, to see him all melted.

Oh dear, set me off again!

Trac said...

Talking of chocolate.. now I know, like me, you don't approve of changes in classic sweets. You know, fat kitkats or smarties in the wrong packaging and stuff, but...

Plain Chocolate Kitkats are def worth a try... dunked in coffee if you are that way inclined!? :O)

rebecca said...

Cute photo of Lizzy!

Cherry said...

Ooooh that's me. Thank you for the plug. I traced the hits down to here. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Donna,
How kind are you!! Thank you so much for the link to my site!
Let me know when you are happy with your web site and I shall put you on my website links page.
I had a peek at all your items that you have crafted - you have been a busy girl! Well done! Love the little birdie - and stuffed with cloves - what a lovely idea.
Enjoy the run up to Christmas - it is a bit frantic this time of year isn't it?!
Love Niki.x

Roxy Simmons said...

eek! i didn't see anything, but that was a close one!!!

that photo of liz is so gorgeous - please send her to me for christmas.

also, i'm very jealous about the cadbury's advent calendar. i wonder if they have them at the limey shop - i'll have to call and find out. i've made the hubby buy me a cadbury's christmas stocking already, but he's had to hide it well >:)

Wendz in France said...

Yes we can say the C word now..yay!

Your little goodies are fab. I love them.

So talented you lot!


Calamity Tat said...

what a lovely post.. thanks, we've been watching the snow man too, it's so christmasey and you know I'm a believer.. Been over at Elne meeting Santa and drinking chocolat chaud such fun, more tomorrow.. I have my own little L&A botique it looks so cool altogether, a wee shop, everything is god smacked with it.. Lissy is yummy, can't wait till fab, can't can't oh and no you can keep your man he doesn't rock my boat...

Calamity Tat said...

god smacked hahahaha....

Wendz in France said...

Worried about Tat...sounds very hyper, she does ;-)...but can keep GGB he's too pretty.

Donna said...

Tess - The snowman makes me cry too!
Trac - I have been known to turn to the dark side. In fact they are the only kit kats I like. Not keen on Nestle choc.
Rebecca - Thank you, she is a cutie :-)
Cherry - You're welcome, your shop is delightful
Niki - Thank you, the birds smell divine.
Roxy - Aww I hope you get one, maybe next year we will have to send one over? Good girl for not peeking :-)
Tat - What was in the Choc chaud? Are you sure you haven't been at the pastis aghain ;-)

Molly Bloom said...

My friend's little son once sat down and watched The Snowman and at the end he just burst into tears and said, 'I didn't want the snowman to die.' And that just set me off. It's so cute isn't it?

I bet Christmas in your house is just the best ever. I love those things on the other blog. I won't say what they are, so as to not spoil the surprises. You are so clever.