Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Vintage Christmas Swap

A few days after the deadline, but finally my Vintage Christmas Swap parcel is ready to go to my swap partner. I decided (today) to make a stocking from a lovely 1950's fabric I had with a contrasting pink polka dot lining and some matching rick rack. I popped all the packages inside and now fingers crossed that everything arrives in the USA safely and before the big day!

My urge to be creative is so strong that sometimes I have to just leave everything and sew. Hence the kitchen is a mess, we ate factory made quiches that could be heated up in the oven (an absolute no no in this house as we have our own eggs to use up), my poor baby fell asleep in her highchair during supper as she hadn't had a nap and my ironing pile is out of control! I often wonder when I look at the blogs of 'perfect' women, who seem to have the most beautifully ordered homes and yet create the most wonderful things on a regular basis, how do they do it? Are their homes chaotic too? Are we all conspiring in the myth of the 'perfect' woman? Or is it just me? Pin It


Roxy Simmons said...

it's called prozac, darling ;)

lettuce said...

hahaha yes!
blimey, haven't taken mine yet today....

....thats better.

Gorgeous crafty things as usual Donna, you are very creative.

Yes Donna, its just you. You are the only perfect one. Chaotic homes, bought quiche and piles of ironing (? whats that?) don't count as imperfections. :O)

Calamity Tat said...

We're all crumbling in the chaos one is perfect and a perfect home is boring.. nothing wrong with factory quiche girl..just don't do it again ! tehehe.. but yes Roxys right women who can do it all must be on prozac!!

Pod said...

they are all boring

not letty and clammy, the tidy people


Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

I have a magnet on my fridge that reads 'Dull women have immaculate houses' It's good to have that reminder! Makes me feel better when I look around at the chaos!

LOVE the fabric that you have used for the Christmas stocking BTW.

Primrose Hill said...

Love your stocking and the blog! Tidy houses are sooooooo boring! Our looks like a bomb has hit it at the mo due to the dining room table turning in to a mini packing station for all the deliveries going out!!!
Think I'll link to your site if that's ok?

Wendz in France said...

Oh Donna - who is the perfect woman?

I think any creative urge is much better attended to than housework and whipping up farm fresh food. Sometimes you MUST be disordered.

Love that stocking.

Heidi said...

I'm sure I'm not one of those "perfect" bloggers you're talking about, but yes, my house is a mess too!

kelly said...

Donna, I have thought the same thing many times. I look at all these lovely things that people are making while keeping up with their website of their job and the kids and the house and I cant beleive they ( you!) can still have time to create such wonderful things. I do love creating these things but alot of the time, I find Im rushing to get through it because I have to help Georgia with her times tables or photograph things for the website or listen to Dillon tell me about his newest adventure on his computer game! My house is in a state also, BUT I am in the midst of a cleaning frenzy because Im determined to have things organised ( not necessarily tidy mind you) so that on the 15th when we stop taking orders, I can RELAX and do some sewing without being rushed, make the gingerbread house and the cookies etc.

kelly said...

forgot to say, your vintage swap partner will be thrilled with her sticking, its really lovely!

kelly said...

stocking i mean. I will have to get back to my cleaning my frenzy until my typing improves.

The Devil Makes Work.......for idle hands said...

Hiya Dons,

Love the stocking and the trees!

WIll be emailing you soon, have been v.busy and lots has happened!


Twinkle Pink said...

I love these swaps. Being new to the blog world how do you get to take part in swaps. Ginny

Primrose Hill said...

Hi Donna,
Have sent you the e-mail again to your vintage fabrics e-mail - hope you get it ok. If not give me a call tomorrow, our number is on the website.


Carol@Dandelion Vintage said...

Hi Donna,
I'm glad that you were happy with your Christmas swap! I had fun putting it together. I only wish that I had some vintage fabrics that I could have sent to you too! I'm sorry that one of the Christmas ornaments was broken, I should have double wrapped it.
After I sent the pacakage, I realized that I hadn't included my name in there! Sorry about that.

It's funny, originally I was going to make one of those soft trees for you. But then I saw your post about making some for yourself on Alison's blog (so tread softly) so I had to go to plan B. The little dress can hang, or it displays very nicely over a hat stand too.

Bye for now, Carol

AnastasiaC said...

can totaly relate! I think we all take on too much most days...!! I cant believe most blogs are taht perfect haha they cant be!!

i love the stocking you made...gorgeous!