Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Vintagey kind of week

Apart from wrecking my house in order to decorate (why does that happen? My whole house has exploded!) I have been buying more fabrics. On Monday I went to a dealer's sale at Lizzie's house in Somerset. It is always a joy to go to Lizzies. I love her house and there are always new and wonderful treasures to look at. I bought some lovely fabrics and trim from her and she finally agreed to sell me a fabric box I have had my eye on for ages. I met up with Sue there and bought some fabrics from her that she had emailed me about.

On the way home I popped into Wellington, a town that has some good charity shops. These proved to be a waste of time on this occasion but I found a new shop that had opened selling vintage clothing and textiles. I bought a great vintage hatbox and yet more fabrics. The lady was lovely and had just started out on her venture so if you are in the area do pop in and see her. Her shop is called 7B Vintage at 7b High Street.

Inspired by Lizzie's organisation I decided that I really needed to sort out my fabric room. I currently have bags and bags of fabrics piled high in my room. These bags are the huge laundry bags, pretty polka dot and strawberry ones and I cannot for the life of me remember what is in each one. I know I have certain fabric but couldn't tell you where to find them! This is no way to run my stock so despite my hatred of all things plastic I have bitten the bullet and bought 10 huge plastic boxes on wheels to store my fabrics. Each one will be in decade order and will be labelled clearly. The only problem is, I have filled 6 of them and have not even made a dent in my bag pile! I really don't think I need to buy any fabrics for a while do you?

By the way, just to clear up any ideas that some of you might have had that I got my drawers (see previous post) because Paul gave in to me. He was in no way involved either with the decision to have them or with paying for them. They were a business expense paid for by me, from the proceeds of my own hard work and he still rolls his eyes when he passes them! However, I adore them and my old ones have now gone on to their new home and will be making an appearance at a venue near you very soon. Pin It


BusyLizzie said...

Great photos of the chaos that is my home..... tee hee
Great to see you as always, Lizzie x

PS so, you have discovered 7B, its great & Diane is lovely too!

PPS plastic boxes.. horrid but sooooo useful.

gladys said...

Wow would I just love to rumage around there.

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Donna,
Glad that you had such a fabby time with Lizzie - I was sad not to be able to go.
The shop in Wellington looks gorgeous...
pleased to hear that you spent well this week! ;-))

Have a lovely weekend,
Niki x

Bobo Bun said...

How I wished I could step into the photos and have a good rummage. It looks fabulous.


Pipany said...

Sounds like bliss Donna. Fabric buying is just the best isn't it? Can always send some my way if you're short on space!!!!! xx

thriftymrs said...

Lovely post, great things to feast my eyes upon.
Thanks for sharing.

MelMel said...

What a wonderful shop!
Good luck sorting the fabric!
Have super weekend!x

Vintage to Victorian said...

Hi Donna

Perhaps 10 boxes was being optimistic! I must count mine sometime!!! So excited ... tomorrow's the day for you know what!

Sue xx

claire said...

You don't have to justify your new drawers to me you know.

I'm equally disorganised. I bought a load of cream leathery-cardboard boxes from Ikea to put all the bits of paper in. So far, have assembled them but am too daunted by the task of filling them.

oh dear.

lettuce said...

yeah, sometimes one just has to give in to the plastic

grumpy old woman said...

Ooooh - I've only just discovered this entry!

I take a look every day to see if you've written something and then, when I turn my back for a minute, there you are .....

Yummy, scrummy pictures, Donna. They do indeed make one want to get in there and have a good old rummage.

Thanks for sharing.


50sgal said...

First off, I adore those drawers they are wonderful. Second, I, having just timetravelled back to 1955, am excited that you run a business with vintage fabric. I will be looking to see what you have available online and hope that you ship to the USA. I have had some luck on ebay with vintage fabrics. With my increasing wardrobe of hats, I need to start collecting up some hat boxes. I have planned a new walk in closet/dressing room for my new 50's life and its growing wardrobe, so I am envious of your hatbox too. Nice blog and going now to try and find your shop!

Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Donna, your vintagey day makes me very envious, still I'm thrilled with my fabrics - they are lovely to work with - more dollies in the pipeline!
Lucy x

diane 7b vintage said...

Hi Donna, I Have enjoyed your blogs so much , had withdrawel symptoms when the computer broke
It was lovely to meet you and i love this site its amazing
Diane....7b Vintage