Friday, January 02, 2009


It was all over so quickly wasn't it? I so enjoyed Christmas and New Year but I am sure that time speeds up over this special family holiday period. It felt like we had only just got up and then it was bedtime. I guess I was just having too good a time!

The living room was a great room to spend Christmas in, the new layout works so well. We still haven't decided on a sofa yet as we cannot agree on one we both like (nothing new there!) so for now we are still using the old ones.

Christmas day was a day full of presents, lovely food and drink, much laughter and board games as was Boxing Day. The kids, old and young, really enjoyed themselves and we had the fire going the whole time. Alfie stayed in his pyjamas for 2 days!! My mum came to stay for a few days which is just so lovely and then my sister announced that she had a webcam for Christmas. As she is in Colorado this was a great present because now we can hook up through Skype and chat whilst seeing each other. This is doubly wonderful because she has just had a baby and we can now see her grow and can talk to her so she gets to know our voices and faces.

We had a few lazy days in between Christmas and New Year where we visited other relatives and played with our new toys and went on a bracing walk to Peppercombe Beach to wake us up again.

New Year was fun. We went out into Bideford in fancy dress, which is traditional in these parts. I have lived in North Devon for 9 years and have never managed to go out, but this year I managed it. It was fun but, boy, was it cold!!!! Paul dressed as a German Officer (using one of the uniforms they use at the battlefield for games) while I went dressed in a black tutu and very little else (which is why I was so cold!). We got back just before midnight to see the New Year in with my mum who was babysitting and to connect on Sykpe with my sister so that we could toast the New Year with her. I was so glad to get home and sit by the fire. I think I got a little overexcited though because I ended up drinking too much chmapagne and had to go to bed. The next day I felt so dreadful. I had a hangover that lasted the entire day and seemed to get worse, not better, as time went on. I huddled under a quilt on the sofa with my little ones and watched Catweazle, Harry Potter and Mr Bean moving very little until 5pm when I just had to go to bed with 2 Neurofen to see if my headache would go away. My daughter cooked dinner and when they woke me up an hour later I felt much better. So silly! I don't drink that much and I certainly can't remember the last hangover I had. I don't think I want another for a very long time.

Anyway, I wish you a Happy New Year with all good things for each and every one of you. There are some of you out there (and you know who you are) who have been so good to me during these testing few years and I really appreciate your support. Good friends are priceless and I cherish you very much. Here's to 2009 x

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Anonymous said...

i love catweazle! i watched it on youtube a while back, but they were only clips.

your hangover sounds horrid :( but i am glad you had a good time. your outfit was fab!

- saff xxx

Josie-Mary said...

Happy new year Donna, lovely family photo's.... you were brave on new years eve... you must have been very cold!! Your hangover sounds terrible :( x

Shabby Chick said...

Yuck, bad hangover!!! I think once I turned 21 they only got worse from then on :-S

Those are some gorgeous pictures, your kids are all beautiful. And what a star your daughter is cooking dinner, I hope mine will be that nice to me when they're older!!!

Happy New Year xxx

grumpy old woman said...

Yes, HAPPY NEW YEAR Sweetie!

Thanks for a very fab time over Christmas and the New Year.
Such fun - your children will have wonderful memories of their Christmases, thanks to all your hard work and creativity.

LOVE the slide show!



Redwoodhouse said...

Sounds like a great Christmas, well except the hangover that is they are yuck aren't they...the pictures are lovely fab outfit wish I looked like that in a tutu maybe next Christmas!!

Thanks for the lovely comments you have left on my blog wishing you and yours and wonderful 2009.
Jan x

Debbies-English-Treasures said...



Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Glad that you all had such a wonderful Christmas Donna!

Happy New Year to you too - I sympathise re: the hangover - I was sick on New Year's morning - not a great way to start a new year! Never done that before and will NEVER again I hope!

Hope to bump into you somewhere during 2009...
Good luck turning off your PC too - I can't wait for the extra time I hope it will allow me.
Take care,
Niki x

Anonymous said...

Hi!! Happy New Year!! I'm glad you had such a lovely Christmas and enjoyed your sparkly new living room!!!

Your photo's are great, doesn't your mum look like you!! Your's and your husbands outfits are great!

We are on the hunt for two new sofa's too, we are after a couple of Chesterfields..! :)

Spk soon, love your blog.

Lucy xx

Anonymous said...

Just a quick question, how do you store your fabrics? To keep the Moths away and stop the sunlight from bleaching them...

Thanks sweet,
Lucy x

Gena said...

Happy New year Donna! love the slide show you all look so happy!your children are adorable,lovely

The Devil Makes Work said...

Hey Dons,

Happy New Year Honey Bun. Love the pics, you look fabulous in your Tutu!

Hopefully will see you some time in 2009 at one of your fabulous open days.

Much love,


Greedy Nan said...

Loved the slideshow and isn't your daughter just like you but with dark hair - astonishing likeness!
The presents looked intriging too and so many of them - gosh.
Looking forward to seeing you later in the year too. x

Gigibird said...

Happy New Year!

Is it possible to have too much Champagne?

Vintage to Victorian said...

Hi Donna

You obviously need to drink more champagne to become immune to hangovers!!!! I'm with Gigibird - it's not possible to have too much!!

Glad you had such a fun Christmas - everywhere looks lovely.

Liz (Dairy House) and I thought we might need to come in your direction on a shopping expedition with her van soon, especially if that something I need is still available in Bideford!!

Happy New Year etc

Sue xx

Ragged Roses said...

So good to hear that you had such a great Christmas, Those lazy days sitting around over christmas, eating and playing games are the best! Glad to hear that I wasn't the only one suffering on New Year's Day!!!! Wishing you all a very Happy New Year
Thanks for all that lovely feedback on Etsy!

Pipany said...

Urghh, hangovers!!! Poor you, but I bet it was worth it! Happy New Year Donna xx

lettuce said...

glad you had such a good christmas donna dear.

heres to 2009!

Bobo Bun said...

You look fabulous in the tutu. With the hat Herr Flick and his female sidekick came to mind though. What was it - the madonna with the big boobies. Classy telly then.

Not sure if I reply to your comments on my blog there or send you one on yours. Thought you'd read it here. So trees - why do we do it, you had a wasted day too after all that glitter and sparkle. Next year I've decided it will be real and then I'll get a daft person who loves me to remove it while I go out with the kids.
Ta ra

Anonymous said...

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The White Bench said...

Have a fabulous New Year, Donna!
Love all your decorations...

Flossie and Tom said...

You look as if you had a great Christmas and you have a lovely family - looking forward to hearing more about them this year.