Tuesday, September 15, 2009

More Sunny Days (more lovely finds)

I am sure that the Indian Summer we are currently experiencing has brought out some great sellers to the local boot sales.  I can go weeks without anything much to show but at the moment the things I am finding are great, the kind of thing I want to keep!  I am all too aware that the bootsale season is coming to a close and I will miss it. I like nothing better on a summer Sunday than to wander around a field, with a view of the sea, rummaging through other people's stuff they no longer want!
This week I found this wonderful wooden box.  It had old bits of ironmongery, boys stuff, and I had to persuade the man on the stall to sell it to me.  He thought I was a bit bonkers for wanting it and I had to find him another box to put his bits before I got to carry it away.

It was a good day for textiles too and I found lots of curtains, fabric and vintage clothing.

These bookends are beautiful, reminiscent of the Clarice Cliff era.

I love this Alfred Meakin pottery with its' kitsch cacti.  I bought lots of this but have pictured just one of each.

This beautiful hand embroidered apron came from the same stall as the bookends.  I love the florals on this.

I bought a whole box of  Practical Householder magazines from the 1950's and 60's.  These can be really good reference for fabrics but I just love looking through them anyway.  I love the photos, just look at the last one, the clothes and hair are fab, pure mod! 
I can see exactly when the rot set in as the magazines from the late 60's show couples putting in aluminium windows and they also show how to clad those 'horrid old fashioned bricks' in lovely stones, wood and pebble dash!

Some lovely vintage toys including some very old flash cards, an old Sindy soap (fab box) and an old doll's dress.

I also found buttons, peacock feathers, more pottery, painted glass, vintage boxes and two cute, kitsch budgies!

So, all this buying has me sorting, washing, pricing, getting ready for my Open House.
I shall be back with  preview, as requested by some of you girls who can't make it. Pin It


ramblingwoman said...

Ah, I was going to ask what you did with it all - do you then sell it at your open houses?

It's all fascinating stuff Donna, I just love those plates - what a find!

Pipany said...

Such great finds Donna and I so agree about the rot setting in! Stone cladding!!! Beautiful bookends though x

Lululiz said...

Great bunch of goodies. The box is fabulous, I am so envious, sigh, it would look so good on my soap stall.

Hens Teeth said...

My goodness you did so well. I bet you went home happy!

Laura said...

Love the Dry Soap box and that lovely green spotty scarf. Such a sucker for spots! Looking forward to Friday.x

PG said...

BOX!! BOOKENDS!!! I am plotting my down to one of your open houses; maybe not this one, but the next.

A Bun Can Dance said...

Hello Donna
Lovely things! I especially like the fabric of the dress and the cacti crockery!
Have a good week
Denise x

Lucy@Corset Laced Mannequins said...

Wonderful finds Donna. Bootsale season doesn't end for me unless its absolutely pouring down. Have to have my fix at least once a week! Lucyxx

Elise said...

Lovely post - and I really love your site. Thanks so much for sharing it ! Best wishes to you...

kirsty said...

Love the box and the flash cards! How come I never find anything like that at car boots?!

Clare said...

fabulous boot fair! Some are so disapointing and then you find one which is full of yumminess.

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

Well done Donna...
I think that you hit the jackpot!
Great Vintage finds, indeed!


BusyLizzie said...

will you be selling the cacti china? I have some already & would love to add to it.. lizzie x

Bibs said...

Love, love, love these photos.
Fabulous finds, Sweetie....

Lalabi-baby said...

Hi just popped in via Greedy Nan's blog .... I am building a collection of old fabrics and linens myself. I don't have too much luck at car boots round my way .... it all seems to be Bang on the Door and Bratz ;-) Was lucky at auction today though and got a box of table linen, mostly hand embroidered. I've started the laundering process and find it strangely satisfying ... funny really as I hate doing the family ironing.

mollycupcakes said...

Owww i can't wait for the preview honey.
I've now got the little picture and click on the link thingy on my blog for you.
Lovely lady very good lcuk with your open, I'm so sad I can't pop in.
To many miles, it would take me all day to get there lol
Loving all your treasures and that shop on the other post looks wonderful.
Catherine x