Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sunny days

Just as I had got into Autumnal mode (knitwear, tights, boots) along came the sun!  This happens every year, September becomes a lovely, sunny,  month, just as the kids go back to school.

My eldest daughter wanted us to spend some time together, as  she was working all summer and I was busy with the little ones, so a day out to Exeter was planned. It was one of the sunniest days we have had in ages. We had lunch at Michael Caines'  restaurant sat outside overlooking the cathedral, did a spot of shopping and had our hair done a Toni and Guy's.

While we were walking around we were 'spotted' by a style hunter working for the fashion pages of the Exeter Express and Echo. We were photographed and asked about our outfits.  I am not at all surprised that my gorgeous daughter was asked but it makes me giggle to think that at 45 I can be a style influence on anyone!  I haven't seen the paper, which came out today, as we don't live in Exeter but I will have to try and get a copy sent. If the photo is any good I will share it with you!

When I am in Exeter, one of my favourite haunts is Otto Retro.  This is a lovely antique shop that sells an eclectic mix of quirky and wonderful vintage finds. Sarah, who runs the shop, really has a good eye and the prices are very reasonable.   I always come away laden with goodies.  If you are ever in Exeter I would recommend a visit.
(click photo to enlarge)

I am frantically getting ready for my Open House which is coming up very soon.  I have so much stock that the task is quite overwhelming at times but I am sure it will all be ready in time.
When rushing around, trying not to get stressed out, I am listening to the dulcet tones of Jonathan Jeremiah.   His voice is enough to soothe the most frazzled of souls.  Here is one of his offerings, sorry about the video, just listen to the voice, beautiful, and he is also rather easy on the eye!

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martha said...

i was in exeter yesterday too. what a beautiful day it was. Funny i have been here so long yet never been to that shop. i must check it out. i will try to get the paper for you.

Josie-Mary said...

Glad to hear you had a good day shopping, it was beautiful yesterday. I love Otto retro but it's too far to go in my lunch break, getting old so I need to sit down for my break now :(

Pomona said...

Wow - no chance of a style hunter stopping me I think, unless s/he was looking for superannuated hippies!

Pomona x

Suzie Sews said...

so lovely to catch up with you after the summer, erm yes, I looked a little silly in my boots and tights too....

Angel Jem said...

Long grey trousers and a long sleeved black top... I was boiling. Very Goth.
Then today... t shirt and linen trousers. I am freezing.

Greedy Nan said...

YOu have some lovely, new photos down on your sidebar - I'm very impressed by the one of you ironing - I never do - except for when I'm sewing!