Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I am sure we put the clock's forward at the weekend, surely that means it's spring now?  Then why is it so bitterly cold, wet and windy?  It feels like winter has returned with a vengeance, just as I turned the heating down!

I have faith though, our weather can change very quickly and the sun will soon be out, our coats hung up, sandals on and the outdoors will seem like a nice place to be.

I have added lots of Spring floral fabrics to the website this week, perfect for dressmaking, curtains, quilting and other small textile projects.

And how about this wonderful Eames era Humpty Dumpty fabric?  Isn't it wonderful?

Just to remind you all that I will be at the Dairy House Textile and Costume Day on April 11th, a week on Sunday, with my wares so if you are coming, do please come and say hello.

Easter is fast approaching and I am glad for the school holidays. My little Lizzy has decided that she really really doesn't like school anymore.  I can't seem to find a reason why, she just doesn't like it.  On Monday I was called to pick her up at Lunch time as she had been crying all morning and they were afraid that she was unwell. She came skipping out with me and her big sister and spent a happy afternoon with us. The next morning she was back to crying, big heaving, shoulder shaking sobs and fat tears which break my heart.  I am just hoping that the break will give her a change of heart and she will go back to enjoying school. I can't bear to see her cry.

She has some funny ideas about Easter and religion which make me laugh (inwardly of course).  She is obssessed with the song, There is a green hill far away and makes me play it for her on youtube. She likes the mention of blood especially and looks serious at that point, shaking her head and saying 'blood mummy'.

She had her friend over for a playdate, and they were watching tv. She came and asked me, with a very sad voice, to put a dvd on for them which I did. I said that she didn't need to be sad when she asked me, I was happy to do it for her.  'Oh I'm not sad about that Mummy, I am sad about the story of Jesus because in the end he dies'.  'I know sweetheart', I said, 'it is sad'. 'Yes', she said, 'the baddies came and put a prickly helmet on him and in the Easter holidays he died'! Pin It



I do like the prickly helmet bit! tehe!
Im do hope she gets over her dislike of school its so upsetting when your little one are unhappy!


tracey @ the vintage bothy said...

It's amazing how you will never forget things like that, I remember Tom(16/6ft)always asking for "Audrey ham" he never ate the ordinary ham!
See you at D.H.

Homemakers Tales{Kieren} said...

Hi Donna yes its a tricky one for small people to get their head around
But dont be sad little one ...cos it has a happy ending !!!! he woke up on the 3rd day Easter Monday and ..went to live in heaven with his Dad...the angels came to get him .. it hurt his Dad to see those badies do stuff .. but Jesus is just like us he had tummy aches ,and people said mean things to him too!. its amazing what small people take on board isant it Donna ?.. been there with mine the Christmas story so much easier to comprehend for them ..hope this helps a little
I dont know how you feel about God stuff , but my neice was the same hated school and used to escape home they lived a zebra crossing width away from the school !! when she had her bedtime story and said prayers she asked Jesus to help her not to be sad on school days and kid you not the transformartion after a week was a happier Bridie Kieren x

Attic24 said...

Hiya Donna
Me again....just popping by to say i ordered some of your vintage pins this aft, oh my goodness, for some reason I am SOOOOOOO Excited about them!!! I can't stop thinking about them and how beautiful they look. I think I have a screw loose. Such thrills over pins, dear me.
Hope you're having a lovely day my friend

Janet said...

Hi just to say I have an award for you on my blog!:0)

Grumpy Old Woman said...

Hi Sweetie

I love the pics of your fabric - the Humpty Dumpty one is special, isn't it?

Poor, wee Lizzy. She is such a sweet, funny girl.
She thinks and feels deeply about things, doesn't she?


winnibriggs said...

Children are priceless, even when its something that makes them sad you have to smile at their logic!
Your blog and even more your fabrics are lovely. Can't wait to browse your shop.

kirsty said...

So many lovely fabrics! I feel for you with a little one who doesn't like school, it's heartbreaking. My eldest went through a stage like that - and now he adores school!
Good luck with your fair next weekend and Happy Easter! xx

Gena said...

Hello Donna! ah I know how you feel,my little one is not a big fan of school either,its heartbreaking,hope you all have a lovely Easter xx

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Lovely lovely fabric! You always have great stuff.

Alex said...

I used to hate school (big gulping sobs every morning), being picked up early becasue of crying, mysterious pains to make me skip maths... One thing that helped was coming home for lunch instead of having school dinners or a packed lunch. I don't know if that's posisble but breaking the day up made it not so bad and I was able to cope in the end (even though I still hated every minute of my school days!)

sarah said...

hee hee i like the religion thing, bella is having a religious phase at the moment, she thinks that amen at the end of a prayer means "thank you god for our daddys"