Monday, March 01, 2010

Fabric foraging

Well here we are in March, the sun is shining, there's not a cloud in the sky and it truly feels as though Spring is here, at last!

I love tulips and fill the home with them every Spring.


The hens are happy and have spent most of the day sunbathing in a huddle!

Yesterday's forecast was for torrential rain and gales, luckily I decided to ignore that, as the weather men are so often wrong, and ventured to Shepton Mallet Flea Market.

It was not a pleasant day weatherwise, it was pretty dismal, cold and wet but not torrential rain and no gales.  There were a few stalls outside, nowhere near as many as usual. Most of the action was indoors and after bravely scurrying about outside and getting a few goodies, I headed indoors to the warm and dry to continue my fabric hunt.

It was lovely to see Lizzie, Clare and Sue stalling inside and to bump into Lucy, Niki and Maxine all treasure hunting.  I'm not very sociable on my buying trips as I am aware that I need to get my head down and find as much as possible to make the 4 hour round trip worth my while, so often it's just a cheery hello exchanged on passing!

Despite the market being so small I still got a lot of lovely bits. I shall share these with you:

Vintage georgette and French rayon dress fabrics


1940's Paisley Fabric

Pucci style paisley silk

1940's Rayon dress fabrics


1950's dress fabrics

Wonderful London scenes novelty fabric

1950's French Abstract Fabric

Collier Campbell fabric for Liberty (I always get asked for this!) 


Genia Sapper 1960's Fabric

Some pretty velvet ribbons

Beautiful Woollen blankets, one Ikea, one vintage Welsh wool


A pretty corsage that a kind stall holder threw in for free

Wonderful Racey Helps playing cards. I love his work especially as he has North Devon connections too.


Kitchen Things pot by T G Green

2 pretty 1950's dresses, one blue


one brown, a bit too big for me but maybe belted....

and worn with my leather jacket?

After the fair we popped to Clark's Village, an outlet centre in Street. In Joules, I found these gorgeous oven gloves and hob covers for my aga at half price!  Perfect as our old ones are worn out and rather grubby.


Well, with all that fabric buying I now have a mammoth task of washing and ironing all my finds and with the sun shining I might just get it dried outside too. Nothing nicer than air dried washing! Bye for now x

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wendy.gilchrist said...

Lovely Dons, what a great day,xx

Greedy Nan said...

Happy spring! I hope I'm not too previous but am ever wishful thinking.
Loving some of those fabrics - particularly the 1st paisley one - I may well be tempted!
Thanks for the comment to me - you know how much I appreciate it.

Grumpy Old Woman said...

Oooh, thanks for putting up pics of your wonderful finds, Sweetie - didn't get to see it yesterday!

All very lovely - what a great days foraging.
Well done you.

Thanks again for a lovely day.....


PG said...

Only you could find Racey Helps playing cards Donna! Slightly green with envy.

Hen said...

Hi Donna,
Sounds like a bloggers' day out - we were there too! Sorry we didn't see you though it sounds like you were busy. It was the first time we've been to the flea, v enjoyable. Not so great when we couldn't get the car out of the mud on the field afterwards!
Hen x

Clare said...

Lovely to see you there Donna. Not many sales (everyone after a bargain!) but a few good connections made for supplying some more shops and enough profit made to cover my purchases!!Have a lovely week

melanie said...

It has been a lovely day here today, I hope this is the start of Spring.
I love your woollen blankets, they are so lovely. xxx

Lyn Burgess said...

I was beginning to feel 'spring like' yesterday and now after today's sunshine and your sunny blog I have an even bigger spring in my step. 8)

Katie said...

What fabulous finds! Love the rayon dress fabrics. It's feeling very spring-like here in Cheltenham too...hoorah for tulips and sunshine! By the way, was that your kitchen I spotted on p136 of April's Homes and Antiques? Katie x

Vintage to Victorian at Dairy House Antiques said...

Hi Donna

Lovely to see you. Glad you found some goodies. I've managed to hang washing on the line today. Makes you feel as if Spring really has arrived!

Sue x

Miss Sew & So said...

Ohhhhhhhhhh- i want to say send me the lot- includ your vintage looking leather jacket! what a day from heaven you have had!
Melissa x

Alex said...

Oh Racey Helps! There was a bio picture of him on my Medici books and I always thought he was terribly dashing... Also, loving the London fabric, so sweet!

Laura said...

Now I leave you alone for a week and look there has been an EXPLOSION of good stuff here. Wiping brow! what a lovely time you look like you have been having. Can't wait to have a natter. Plus I was inspired and have bought the book, you know the one. Loving it, I'm on my third recipe already. And the jacket is soooo a keeper. Very rock chick for the school gates. L x

Pomona said...

You have found some lovely things - and seeing those Racey Helps illustrations take me straight back to my childhood.

Pomona x

claire Maraldo said...

gosh what a lot of lovely treasure! I never knew Racey Helps had North Devon connections, or indeed was a MAN. I'd always imagined SHE was a sweet little old lady.
I love the Clarks village . . saddo that I am, we usually go on the way back from Devon to spend the last of our holiday money. And buying school shoes isn't so bad when you are on the way back from lovely Devon. Ahh, happy days!