Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Month of Change

It has been exactly a month since my last post, a month since my little Bella left us.  My heart is still heavy, and I think of her and miss her every day, but the pain has lessened.  I want to thank each and every one of you who left kind words. I cannot tell you how comforting I found them.  I often wonder if it would make a difference to say anything to people I don't know very well when I read sad posts.  Now I know that it does.  The kindness of strangers, as some of you are, was so appreciated. Every comment like a gentle stroke on my arm, a whisper that 'it will be ok'.  So, Thank You lovely readers.

The end of Summer was a busy time for me, not busy with work as I shut the website for a few weeks, but busy with the important things,  holidays and family life.

My Mum, the children and I visited Lyme Regis, a favourite place of ours, and stayed at a friend's house for a week.  Lovely sunny days (and a few rainy ones) filled with sandcastle building, swimming in the sea, fish and chips, reading, mackerel fishing and treasure hunting in vintage shops.

We breakfasted in the wonderful Town Mill Bakery.  A perfect start to any day.

If you go to Lyme Regis do visit.  Their Eccles cakes are second to none.

The day after we got back from there we flew off to Spain and our first family holiday in 7 years!

How lovely it was to fly off, with the full moon bright in the sky, to warmer climes.  To spend hours in the pool, feeling the sun on my skin was just so healing and so needed.  I am not going to leave it so long again.

 So here we are, the end of Summer and looking towards Autumn. There is a real crispness in the air and the nights are drawing in, it is getting darker so much earlier these days.

I love this time of year.  I adore knitwear and look forward to wearing my tights and boots.  The fire will be lit soon and we will be cosying up.

I have added lots of new stock to the website. Treasures found on my travels and things tucked away in readiness for the new season.  I have listed lots of beautiful quilts and eiderdowns.

 Lots of new fabrics have been added too, including some amazing 1940's French dress fabrics that I found still on the bolt. They would make the most amazing tea dresses and I have LOADS of it!

Lots of lovely new stock, all of which can be found here.

Sadly, due to family commitments, I have had to cancel my stall at the Vintage Bazaar being held this Saturday in Hartley Wintney, Hampshire.  If you get the opportunity do try and go.  Lizzie and Clare, who organise the Bazaar,  select the very best sellers to be at their events  making them a not-to-be-missed fair. I'm only sorry I am not going!

However next Saturday (29th September) I will be stalling at the Original Vintage and Handmade Autumn Vintage Fashion and Textile Fair.  Another wonderfully organised fair by Jayne Soule and Michele Chivers, this is an event not to be missed.  Two rooms of the finest sellers of vintage textiles in the beautiful town of Chipping Sodbury. This is truly a great day out for any vintage lover. 

I have a huge amount of new stock, as you can see, as well as a rail full of vintage clothes to bring along. I do hope to see you there.

Last but not least, I am sure many of you enjoyed the Olympics this summer, I know I did.  A few months before they were about to start I got a call from them asking for some vintage 1960's stretch fabric to make shorts for the dancers who entertained the crowds during 'time out' at the Beach Volleyball games. 

I wonder if I should have 'Official Supplier to the 2012 Olympics' on my headed notepaper?

It was a very proud moment for me seeing these dancers in my fabrics.

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Pipany said...

So lovely to read your blog again Donna. I'm glad the pain of losing Bella is easing a bit and that you had such wonderful holidays. The sun is so healing and we just don't see it enough. Take care lovely xx

Katie said...

Hi Donna, I'm just having a catch up in Blogland...first I read your post about your lovely family holidays and it looked like you all had a fabulous time in the sun. Glad you got to spend some time together...then I read your post about losing Bella and I must admit, I had tears in my eyes from reading your words. Losing a much loved furry friend is completely heartbreaking and my thoughts are with you and I'm sending you a big bear hug. See you in Chipping Sodbury, my lovely. Xxx

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Your holiday looked fab! I would love to spend my days surrounded by all that wonderful fabric! Lucky you! Ada :)

Glennan said...

Wow! I loved their clothes when I watched the Olympics and thought the colors are lovely! :D Well done and I wish you more success! :)