Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Car trouble

Well it's been over a week since I last blogged and what a week it has been.

I was feeling very fed up and down all last week for no particular reason that I could put my finger on. I was finding it hard to drag my bones out of bed each morning and had that 'what's the point' feeling. I used some of that negative energy to reorganise my life. I figured that if I felt like shit I might as well do the shitty jobs I never feel like doing when I am positive. I now have a fabulous fabric room and pristine pantry. I spent most of the week at home clearing out my junk (treasures actually but just too much of it) just leaving the house to buy groceries and to do the school run. On Friday I went to the Post Office to post my ebay parcels and then picked up my daughter from her school bus. Alfie was at a friends house for tea. On my way home I remarked to Jasmine that our lane was overly muddy and that they had been muckspreading all day. 'Looks like they have been muckspreading the lane' were my exact words. Seconds later as I turned a corner I saw a ford lorry coming towards me so I braked as there is not room for two vehicles and got ready to reverse. He was coming at some speed and I shouted 'Slow down you twat'. Jazz and I sat there dumbfounded as we realised that he was not going to stop. He ploughed straight into the front of my car with a terrific BANG. The baby screamed and screamed so I got her out of her car seat, shaking, to comfort her and check her over. The driver came to the door and said that he couldn't stop because of the mud on the road. The whole situation was unreal. I gave the baby to Jazz and looked at the damage to my Land Rover. It was quite considerable but remarkably there wasn't a scratch on his vehicle.

Jazz and I were so shaken by the whole experience. I went to bed that night, very early, with a huge headache. The next day I met up with mum and my friend Lisa in town and could barely string a sentence together. I felt like a zombie and close to tears. Mum loaned me her car for the weekend and as I drove home I cried huge silent tears as Alfie sat oblivious in the back thinking what a jolly jape this was to be in his granny's car.

So that's that. My car has been taken away to be assessed. I could bore you with tales of having to try and communicate with a remote Indian in India as I explain my situation to my insurance company whilst still being shaken up, of having no car for the weekend because the garage have already done too many hours this week so will come and get mine until Monday. It's no fun being stuck in the middle of nowhere with 3 kids and no transport. Luckily for me my mum loaned me her car for the duration. I now have a 'courtesy car', a 3 door Polo that only has one seat that comes forward and has such a small boot that the pram doesn't fit in. Grrrrrr all this makes me very fed up and I shall be changing my insurance company to an English call centre based company that will provide a decent courtesy car. Anyone know of one? Do they exist? Pin It


euro-trac said...

OMG, I thought you had been quiet! What a terrible week you've had! An accident!? Shit!
I guess things can only get better right? Well, you'll have tat and the ferals there soon, to cheer you up! :-)
Chuck Paul McKenna out! You ARE thin!! - and we all know that, because we've seen you naked in a swimming pool!! ;-)

ramblingwoman said...

Oh dear Dons. You poor thing. Just think positively as much as you can, that you are OK and the kids are OK, and that you are insured and the further you get from the accident in terms of time the better it will get. One day at a time.

Yes, as Trac says, you are slim. DIdn't you reach target with Weight Watchers? I have heard (on the Jeremy Vine show!) that the Paul McKenna thing really isn't any good and not based on any science. Surely a low GI and lots of exercise is the thing?

Léons Life said...

Oh la la about the car ! At least nobody was hurt.

But f*** to he driver of lorry, with a huge thing like that he could have done a lot of damage. Luckily you were in a big hefty car and not in a something tiny !

Onyx said...

I'm sorry and totally empathize. Ugh!!! It HAS been one of those weeks, errr, months,...f!@# it, years!!!! LOL

I'll try redoing my bathroom and see if that helps. Thanks!!

PG said...

Dons, what a ghastly experience, you must have had delayed shock by the sounds of it - not pleasnt - though at least better than what might have happened. Thank God you're all ok.

hippo_pepperpot said...

thank God you were in a Land Rover! I hope it gets fixed good as new very soon. I miss my Land Rover :o( but I have my lovely Hippo Peugeot... I don't think I could drive a big vehicle on our streets here...