Wednesday, February 08, 2006

My new relationship

I have started a relationship with this man who promises he can make me thin by allowing me to eat what I want when I want to eat it. I have read the book and downloaded his cd onto my ipod so I can listen to it every day. I believe him. Watch this space!

Just to add to the previous post and to correct those who think that I am thin! I have a huge muffin top which spreads over my waistband and I recently read an article that talked of carrot tops!! This is when you wear your skinny jeans. I looked in the mirror, instead of seeing two slim thighs I was confronted with 2 carrot tops eeeeeek!

I am trying this method of weight loss because since the birth of Alfie nearly 6 years ago I am either being very good (ie dieting) or being very bad (Scoffing) with nothing in between. I am so fed up of not eating like a normal person. Weight Watchers was great for getting me to target weight after having Lizzy but I need to maintain my weight which is what I find hard. I need to learn new habits which are more about eating positively rather than denying myself foods that I love. Mr McKenna, who teaches us to observe 4 golden rules:

1 Eat only when you are hungry.
2 Eat what you want to eat NOT what you think you should have.
3 Eat consciously, taste every mouthful.
4 Stop when you are full.

This is combined with a cd which you listen to every day to reinforce what you have read. I am a great believer in the power of the mind and that my bad eating habits can be 'unlearned'.

I am on day 3 and so far so good. Usually I spend most evenings picking, constantly in and out of the fridge and eating at least 2 chocolate bars a day. For the past 3 days there has been no desire to do this. I have eaten exactly what everyone else has, not diet food, and have left food on my plate. I want to get rid of the muffin top and definitely want to say adios to the carrot tops. Wish me luck :-)
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Onyx said...

Yeah, let us know. I'm having a horrendous time right now. But it's probably just stress. Ugh!!

Is the key just stop eating when you feel full?

PG said...

Try getting a bag of brazil nuts from Holland and Barratt - eating about 4-5 instead of that chocolate bar - and has valuable stuff in - like selenium, which could help boost your low moods. I've found a big difference in my 'down' days, since regulalry eating nuts and dried fruit. It sounds sooo worthy, I know...

Calamity Tat said...

Good luck, since our phone call i've been stuffing my little face, wait until you see my muffin top girl :-) oh missus..... are you feeling better?

hippo_pepperpot said...

You are right. Dieting doesn't work. When you diet you are punishing yourself by not being able to eat like a normal person and when the diet is 'over' you tend to 'scoff' because you have been deprived. This is how a lot of girls and women get eating disorders... anorexia, bulimia etc... I had both when I was young. I went to a very good eating disorder clinic... 6 weeks intensive inpatient programe. They un brainwashed me. I never count my calories, wiegh myself but I still freak out sometimes. When I think that I have gotten 'carrot tops and a muffin' (like now), I only eat when I am hungy, eat more healthy foods, walk more, drink more water, less wine, more fruit and veg. If I still get the urge to eat a sweet I do but taste every bite and enjoy it to the fullest. I go by how my clothes feel. I also wear looser clothing and don't try to squeeze myself into my 'skinny' jeans until I know it is safe. Right now I have the carrot tops and muffin. I have been trying for two weeks to watch my eating etc... I know I have lost some wieght but won't try my skinny jeans until my loose ones are 'loose'. Try some different foods that you normally don't eat. I like doing that... almost pamper your mouth. If you wiegh yourself it will just piss you off. One day you will have lost 3lbs and the next have gained 2. Take it slow. xxx

euro-trac said...

I guess I just don't understand.. I have carrots and muffins, but I just don't care! I guess I just eat like a 'normal' person! (Hurray! Something I'm normal at)I have NEVER thought about not eating something if I fancy it! I've recently noticed an arm thing going on though - that's not good.. I wonder what the 'top' name is for 'Bye Bye Flaps'???? Butternut Squash Top?
Your comments were lovely and I love your mum! I'm going to contact a solicitor to draw up some adoption papers! :-) xx

Léons Life said...

Eat only when you are hungry - This would never work as a diet for me, I'm always hungry.

Roxy Simmons said...

good luck!

i have a whole tray of muffins on my top, including what must be prize-winning sized carrots! lol.

i have, however, lost 3 lbs this week *beams*. that probably accounts for the cadbury's creme eggs i ate in england hahahah.

Calamity Tat said...

hahaha just reading all your comments. Trac so doesn't have carrot tops or muffin tops. Don't worry I'll be there soon and you'll look thin next to me!

euro-trac said...

Oooops! I was just passing through, and I couldn't help but notice your weather pixie says
minus 5!!! Eeeek!
A good excuse to do nothing but sit in front of your lovely fire and drink tea I reckon! :-)
Hehe! Love Roxy's comment about having a tray of muffins!

Calamity Tat said...

Ohh loving that new blog name :-)

Onyx said...

How can something so normally healthy (muffins and carrots) be so bad? lol

Yeah, I definately have both of those. Isn't it funny how we fixate on these things?

Glad the new outlook is working. Keep us posted!!

euro-trac said...

Oh Look! A New (and good) Blog name!:-) I'm sorry, I normally notice these things quicker... (all those years of working in 'print')
I must be getting old! :-)
I don't agree with tat on whether I have 'muffins and carrots' though.. People always see me smaller than I am. My MIL and Cola have both recently bought me a top and they're both too small!?

I can see though, by reading the 4 'golden rules' that, that is what I tend to do with food anyway. (That and baggy clothes!) I guess that would change if I ever manage to give up smoking?:-(

Oh...So.... I guess tat is right then! I don't have carrots and muffins, I have 'wine' tops and 'latte' tops! :-)

*Good Luck*