Monday, February 27, 2006

Tats and Dons

For those of you who are missing us, here we are, deliciously chaotic but still here. Read all about it soon :-)

We are just off shopping, without the kids, to Exeter, wahay, we are soooooooo excited!!! Pin It


euro-trac said...

Hello!! :-)

lovely pic!

Léons Life said...

Yes very nice photo !

Roxy Simmons said...

damnit, i would've put an order in if i'd known! hahahah

have fun!! :)

grumpy old woman said...

What have you done to my car?
Since you borrowed it for a wee while (after your horrid crash) it's been going perfectly - no shuddering, juddering or cutting out. What's going on??

Lovely photo - you girlies both have such beautiful eyes :o}

Wendy said...

Helloooo - now why does Tanya look so coy? What are you two up to?

ramblingwoman said...

what a great pic! Hope you are having a great time - sure you are.

Looking forward to hearing all about it.

euro-trac said...

Yes! I noticed that you both have beautiful eyes too! :-)

Antipodeesse said...

Oh God, we know you're having FUN!, but we are lusting after some details! Any crumbs you could throw us will be ever so gratefully gobbled up!

lettuce said...

You both look very relaxed! (and lovely of course)
(and yes, possibly a bit coy/furtive...???)

Sure you've had a great time, look forward to hearing all about it!!

euro-trac said...

Yes... bla bla bla... and stuff! But I want all the goss! :-)
Seriously, I would like to know your 'valued' opinion on the A.Monkeys album! Nick still hasn't bought it and he's the one with the Amazon voucher for Christmas! We need to buy 3 cd's at laest, if you have any more rockin' suggestions!
Thanks to you, I have developed a slight addiction to 'cream teas'

Gina said...

Shopping, oh fun!