Sunday, March 26, 2006

My Mummy's Day

It's my mummy's (and my best friend's) day today so I've made my way into her blog to tell you why I love her!!

10 Reasons why i love my mummy by Jazz

1. She wears converse (nuff said)
2. She lets me live my life instead of telling me what not to do all the time
3. I can tell her EVERYTHING because she doesn’t have a go at me or judge me and she always make things better
4. She gives me lifts everywhere even if she really doesn’t want to
5. I can trust her with my life and biggest secrets
6. We share the same music taste
7. We have the best arguments cos neither of us will back down! and we always make friends 10 minutes later
8. She lets me bring loads of mates (and smelly boys) back home and cooks and goes supermarket shopping for us
9. She lets me have fun, and go to as many parties and stay up all night getting drunk and just shake her head instead of being cross!
10. Well..what can I say she always looks immaculate and she’s perfect, I love her because she will always love me

Happy Mothers Day Mum, I love you so much xxx never change Pin It


wendy said...

Jazz you are so lucky to have such a brilliant Mum - you really are. And such a pretty one too.

Way to go Donna!

ps - your blog is looking smashing..those links pics are fab.

So is the happy birthday banner.

And your baby is gorgeous. But she doesn't make me no no..not a bit.

euro-trac said...

Wow Jazz! That was beautiful!
You are lucky to have her and her, you! Really, that was just fab!
:O) xx

grumpy old woman said...

Brought tears to my eyes :o}

Hey, Dons, don't forget to change my photo - hahaha

grumpy old woman said...

Sorry, me again. Just noticed your lovely links, Sweetie. I can see them now and they're fab!

Alicat said...

how sweet :D

Onyx said...

That is too sweet!!!! Don, would you adopt me? ;-)

lettuce said...

How great. I hope you've been looking at this a lot and feeling smug.

What a gorgeous pic. of both of you.

Hope you had a lovely Mothers day and 1st Birthday.

Blog is looking way cool too.

Donna said...

I am so flattered by this list. What a lovely daughter and for once I don't mind my blog being hijacked (how could I?) unlike the time Paul did it :-/

I think I have a wonderful daughter. I mean who else gets polka dot knickers and Top Shop vouchers for Mother's Day?

Calamity Tat said...

Oh that so lovely of Jazz..... I hope yesterday was wonderful for you all..... Please tell me how to do that thing with the photos or is it going to be a heavily guarded secret?

ramblingwoman said...

What great children you have Dons! You are blessed! So are they!

Hope you are feeling better now and that your illness was short lived.

PS: Great links

Antipodeesse said...

What a pair of hot young chicks! I don't see any mothers in that photo!

Roxy Simmons said...

you're both very lucky :)

Calamity Tat said...

Hey you, I did yours by pasteing what Max wrote, I tried to change the shabbychicflower for Tracys and it wouldn't work! Nothing works, I don't understand that, why did he put shabbychicflower on the link?

I don't get it....

euro-trac said...

Oh yeah... and who's Tracy?? ;o)

It's image search, isn't it? Finds that info for you!

I've asked Max to try an explain it to me like he's talking to a 3 year old... as I've not only copied your glitter thing, I'm going to copy your links thing too.. one day, when I have the time to suss it out! :O)

see you later! x

Calamity Tat said...

Ok Dons, tonight I shall have more alcohol at your suggestion :-) just warming up for Trac... Wish you were here for my launch day, sigh... All sounds so glamorous but it's not..Had to change the day as my web designer was busy on my launch day! My god, the cheek.....

Antipodeesse said...

Donna, re your blog roll photos: my bosoms thank you. True fame and glory await!

Léons Life said...

I want you to be my Mum too...

euro-trac said...

OMG!!! You are my blog hero! How clever are you!!!???

It looks fab! Really, really cool!

And there I was feeling all clever because I can now write things in bold in a comments box!?


grumpy old woman said...

oooooh its lush!! i love it =) (love jazz and Bibs) xxx

hippo_pepperpot said...

I like your daughter! I hope that Met and Little Lil will feel the same about me when they are teens. You must be a great mum!
Love the look of your blog...good work!

lorna said...

What a great mum you must be to have such a wonderful (and beautiful) daughter. You must both be very proud of each other. :o)