Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Spring chickens

This morning it looked very much like spring had arrived so I whipped out my camera to take photo of the poor late daffodils who have been wondering when it was safe to come out. The chickens, thinking that I had food for them, came running and followed me around. They are completely free range and have the whole 2 acres to explore but still try and get in the house whenever someone inadvertantly leaves the front (or back) door open. When I gave birth to Alfie (a home water birth) the door was left open by one of the midwives and they all traipsed in clucking and cooing wondering what was going on!!!! So here they are, we have 10 of them and they give the most fabulously delicious eggs ever but they poo for Britain. If it wasn't for the copious amounts of poop they produce I would happily have them in the house. Chicken nappies, now there's a thought, hmmmmm..........

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Meg said...

Oooh that does sound idyllic. It looks so beautiful where you live.

Chicken nappies hahahah.

You've done amazing things with your blog.

I don't think you need to think about being 60 for another 25 years or so.

Alicat said...

is that your house dons or just a place locally? it looks amazing!

Léons Life said...

Daffodils ! It must be quite mild in Devon as my Daffs. are no where ready to come out yet !

Is that your house ? If yes it's HUGE it's big enought to be an hotel.

ramblingwoman said...

Your ladies are wonderful Dons. What kind are they? Don't they ruin the garden? Where do they lay? Do you have to look around your two acres for eggs?

Your place truly does look amazing. Lucky you.

Kitty said...

You had a water birth at home? Wowee.

Beautiful house. Lucky you. Where in Devon do you live? Nowhere near Plympton I suppose? Ruth's family were originally from somewhere near Plympton, a place called Venn. Actually I might have got this all wrong and she's not here to ask.

I'll shut up and go away now!!

Calamity Tat said...

Oh Poo Tit, Bum

wendy said... also got a poo tit bum.....they need to sharpen up their repetoire...fnar fnar..

wendy said...

It was your post that got me dreaming again. I was feeling all out of sorts today after the nastiness with that horrible man...quite blue and downcast...and then I read your post and then spent time rootling around your archives and I came away feeling much better and thinking how lovely your life looks (I know - you probably have your own little problems...don't we all) but still - I felt happier looking at that peaceful house and all your lovely inside piccies (earlier posts) and I dreamt in my armchair for a while. So thank you - you perked me up.

And if I do manage to get my holiday dream I would love to meet you and do the boot sales too. I am an addict.

The Devil Makes Work.......for idle hands said...

Hi Dons,

Love the new look blog - fantastic!
I've e-mail you today by the way.


Donna said...

Yes this is my house. I am very very lucky I know but it isn't nearly so grand as it looks. it needs loads of work doing to it and is more shabby than chic but hey we're getting there.

Rambling woman- the chickens are a mix of black rocks, hybrids and a speckledy (not sure what sort she is). They are very naughty in the garden and dig up all sorts of things, recently they dug up all the tulips bulbs we planted in between the daffs. They are spoilt rotten too and always get cake amd other goodies!! They lay in their nesting boxes but do have funny moments when they lay somewhere else and then we find a huge pile of them.

Le Chat - I am in North Devon on the coast. It's a little more rugged up here than in the south. Yes I had 2 home water births, one with Alf (6 years ago) one with Lizzy (1 year ago). They were absolutely wonderful.

Wendy - Yes my life is not always perfect and the house not always peaceful (except when everyone but me is out, hehehe) but I know I am truly blessed to live here and I do appreciate it. I have lost of space so you are welcome to stay if you ever get yourself over here.

Roxy Simmons said...

those chickens are very spoilt, but you can tell they're so loved, which makes for some rather delicious eggs.

the hubby was very pleased with the double yolker that P saved for him that morning! heheheheh

Onyx said...

Nice look!!! How did you do the pics next to everyone's name?

Wow! A water birth!! I have a whole new respect for you. lol

Cool chickies.

grumpy old woman said...

Hi Sweetie
What lovely pics. Looks like spring might really be here soon.
Yes, your water births were sooo amazing - I was very lucky indeed to have been there for both of them. Actually your first birth on dry land was fantastic too! That was what inspired you to become an Active Birth teacher, wasn't it? :o}
Sheesh, I'm tired - had to be up very early, so that I could be ready to receive a second-hand recycling pavilion at 7am this morning (Thurs). Now, how to put it all together?

lettuce said...

Fantastic new look. (sorry, bit late commenting on that)
Your house also looks fab., and reminds me of house my parents had for a while in South Devon - near Exeter/Honiton, with chickens too.

I hope you use all the poo on the garden? If not, maybe you should post it to Meg and Rambling Woman for their allotments?

thanks for the homeopathy suggestion. I would like to try, actually - tho' finance is a bit of an issue at the moment. Feeling better at the moment tho.

Molly Bloom said...

Beautiful views. And you know how much I love chickens!

PG said...

I thought I'd stumbled into the wrong blog for a moment...but then I saw the lovely pictures and realised it was the same but better! I am going to investigate that book on forties fabrics...and wait for that sunshine to work its way up here.