Saturday, August 12, 2006


I think we must be having the best of the weather here in the UK. It has been cloudy for the past few days but previous to that the weather has continued to be bright, warm and sunny. We've had none of the torrential rain or gales although our lawn could do with a drop, it's looking quite parched.

My friend Amanda came to stay with her youngest son who is great friends with Alf. They haven't seen each other since last November yet you would think it was only yesterday. Alf quickly informed Elliott that Power Rangers are no longer cool and that they were 'babyish' and the next best thing was in fact Star Wars (his latest craze). Once they had that established they quickly launched into playing and they didn't stop until Alfie, hugging Elliott hard, had to say goodbye a few days later. Amanda and I spent time shopping, drinking wine and catching up.

I love having Amanda round, we have been friends for years now, and she helps me realise that Alfie's behaviour is just normal 'boy' behaviour which is hard for those with just girls to understand. Amanda has 3 sons so she is an expert. Poor Alf is sandwiched between his two sisters so his boisterousness sticks out like a sore thumb. In the company of another boy he is in his element. I just need to borrow one permanently, a big brother!
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grumpy old woman said...

What beautiful photos, Dons.
Yes, it is a shock for people who have had only girls to encounter boysey behaviour, isn't it?
Having had three younger brothers myself I grew up with it, so I knew what to expect.
Your Alf is such a wonderful boy - he is very bright, lots of fun and sooo affectionate - he gives the best cuddles!
He needs to be engaged with what is going on - he doesn't do boredom very well - but then, why should he?
Looking forward to my next Alfie fix ............

Donna said...

Well that will be in about an hour's time, brace yourself GOW! Alfie is lucky to have such a brilliant Granny, you are the best :-)

Calamity Tat said...

Blimus I don't need a boy to experience boyish behaviour in my house! Lovely photos girlfriend, lovely son too, glad you had fun with amanda :-)

lettuce said...

lucky you - been a bit mis. here (weather-wise) since i got back from Tats.

lovely pics.

I was so happy to have a girl, but do sometimes wonder what it wd. be like to have a son too.

Like the crocs!

Roxy Simmons said...

yeah, what tat said! lol!! i have a grown up boy in my house, but my god... you wouldn't think he was 30-something sometimes, specially with all these computer games and model airplanes around me.

lovely photos. elliot looks so much like amanda!

grumpy old woman said...

Yes, Roxy, you're so right - Elliot looks just like his Mummy!

gena said...

Oh Lovely pics Donna! dont children just love the beach! and you are lucky with the weather,it has took a turn for the worst here in the bleak north! for a few weeks now it has been like autumn,boo hoo,come back summer,come back! I am not done with my cotton frocks yet!

Alison said...

Hello Dons, Just wanted to thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. I would have emailed but couldn't find a link to your address.
I'll be sure to photograph the Caroline Zoob cushion cover once I've completed. it. I have a feeling that it will have to wait until we're in New Zealand.
I've just had a look at your fabric stash of your blog - WOW! How envious am I?!
Bye for now - Alison.

Molly Bloom said...

That's interesting what you say about boys and how they are different. I was watching my little girl in the park the other day in a playground and was fascinated by the differences between the way that she interacted with the climbing frames etc and the way that the boys did. It really was so totally different. It made me think about the different demands that must be on parents of boys. They really are boisterous aren't they? I had two elder brothers and it never did me any harm - eeek! I wouldn't change that for the world.

Your pics are always so lovely.