Saturday, August 12, 2006

Goddess swap

I posted a lovely piece about this swap with lots of photos and words and just before I published it the baby decided to turn my computer off at the mains (eeeek), so I lost the lot!!!!! I really haven't got time to do it all over again so here is a potted version instead:

I took part in my first organised swap. The brief was a parcel to pamper the goddess inside a little package with a seasonal theme, girlie stuff. My parcel came packaged beautifully in a Japanese surprise ball. I was to start unravelling the crepe paper ball and in between the layers, little goodies came tumbling out. The parcel smelled gorgeous and I felt truly pampered when I found a bottle of Benefit Jewels, lip and cheek tint, in the middle. A few days later I got a note telling me that there would be other random gifts coming my way throughout the last of the summer along with a pretty handmade crocheted coaster to slip under a wine glass on a summer scented evening. Thank you Mimi, I really enjoyed my parcel.

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Roxy Simmons said...

looks like a lovely idea. maybe i'll have to do that with GOW or something! is there a set price you agree on or something? then again, i think i owe you and GOW parcels anyway.

Donna said...

You can do it with me if you like Roxy! There is usually a rough price and a theme. I usually add something handmade or vintage too so that is outside the budget! I am signed up to too. Their swaps are fun and have some interesting themes.