Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Thrifting Delights

A wonderful Car Boot sale this weekend turned up some gems:

A pair of Brentleigh Ware jugs

A Basildon Bond envelope holder from an old shop to use as a letter rack

A vintage glass ashtray for Paul's bar. I love the wording!

A 1950's teacosy. I have some of this rose fabric in blue.

A T G Green polka dot mug

Smart Girl annual from 1964, a very good year!

Plenty of fashion tips for the smart girl. I want that polka dot dress!

A pair of cute 1950's salt and pepper pots in the shape of penguins.

Some unusual vintage rick rack, stripes and gingham.

The loveliest Midwinter teapot. I adore this design and have a few plates to match.

A cute Midwinter eggcup, polka dot of course!

Some great retro fabric featuring Hector's House characters from the 1970's

and a lovely dish for serving nibbles.

A vintage sewing basket

and last, but not least, some polka dot ribbons.

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Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Wow Donna, you did do well!! You really are crazy for shopping!! Your list went on and on....
I love the midwinter polka dot china and buy it whenever I see it. I may display it on top of my little red cupboard!!

Calamity Tat said...

Oh my god michet woman, STOP IT you're killing me.... Nice pair of jugs pnar pnar... want those illustrations moi...

grumpy old woman said...

Yay, it certainly was a great day's bootfairing sweetie.
I should get my haul up online - but no way could it match yours....

Roxy Simmons said...

oh my god, i LOVE the penguin salt and pepper pots! they look like a pair of nuns LOL!

that ashtray is hilarious!

AnastasiaC said...

Wow u did well!!
love the cute illustrations from that book! Id love a polka dot dress like that too!

Kristy said...

I love it all!Is the check teapot Meakin?I wish I'd known you like it as I gave a whole heap of it away last month after I couldn't sell in on ebay or at a car boot!

ramblingwoman said...

Wow Dons! Fantastic stuff! I love ALL of that stuff! The salt and pepper pots are fab! and all the polka dot stuff too. I think I'll have to start doing boot fairs!

Vintage Swaps said...

Did the postman knock once or twice yet???

Calamity Tat said...

Does that mean you're joining??

The Devil Makes Work.......for idle hands said...

Hello Dons,

Blimey you have some good boot fairs round your way, the ones I've been to round here are pants!

I've updated my blog finally today - hooray, but I love reading yours. Hope you are well.

Take care


gena said...

Sweet baby Jesus! I am almost hyperventilating at the sight of your vintage finds! I vote you blog of the week!how fabulous to find all of that in one day,I love that smart girl annual,amazing finds,I am sure you shopped till you dropped!

PG said...

Dons, I am writhing on the floor with green envy...I shall content myself with feasting my eyes on your car-booty.

Geena said...

Good grief but wot-a-lot-you-got..way-haaayyy....nice stuff..that teapot is glorious.