Friday, November 03, 2006



The internet is a wonderful thing and blogging especially. You can hook up with some great like-minded people. One such person is Wendy, or as I know her, Woo. Although I have never met her I definately think of her as a friend. I have sold fabrics to Wendy for years now and she is a a good customer. More recently she has started a blog and she also has a website where she makes beautiful little things from the gorgeous fabrics she buys as well as stunning handknitted items. She recently bought some fabrics from me and today I received payment for them but in addition she had added some gifts. I was so surprised and touched by the attention to detail, she knows me very well.

She sent me some beautiful hand dyed embroidery silks for my applique projects

some vintage silk fabric including some vintage kimono silk

a card of sweet vintage buttons

And a gorgeous hand knitted cobweb scarf in a soft grey mohair wool finished off with tiny red beads that look like pomegranate seeds. So beautiful, soft and warm and, of course, in this season's colour!

I felt like the luckiest girl alive. Isn't it the nicest thing to get unexpected gifts through the post? It was a wonderful surprise. Thanks Wendy, you're a gem x Pin It


Calamity Tat said...

Oh my god-michet what wonderful gifts !!

grumpy old woman said...

Dons, all those gifts are beautiful. Lucky you :o}
Isn't Wendy lovely?


ramblingwoman said...

yes, wonderful things. That scarf is GORGEOUS.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful things but I am here to say (once again I know) just how gorgeous little Lizzie is. So cute in that little hat. Ooooh, I could take her away and eat her!

Sorry, I'm sure you don't want Hannibal Lecter types visiting your blog, but you know what I mean.

Anyway, just popped in to say hello. I need to write a new story on my blog I think and I have something in mind with a starring role for you this time!!! Be warned! Don't hold your breath though - no time to write at the mo.

The Devil Makes Work.......for idle hands said...

Ahhh shucks Thanks Dons. You are more than welcome honey. xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! But the sun was shining onto my screen and where you said
"soft grey mohair wool finished off with tiny red beads" I read it as "tiny red heads"

I couldn't work out what you meant for ages... I even clicked on the pic to enlarge it!??

Anonymous said...

I want a scarf with tiny red heads.
How lovely to get such a thoughtful thing, arnt girlies the best?

Gina said...

How lovely. And those little gems look just fab!

Anonymous said...

Wendy's things are fab. I can't wait for really cold weather to wear my scarf again.

Gorgeous scarf she sent you.

studio7 said...

you lucky gal!!! I want to be Wendy's friend :)