Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Chubby Bubby

Well our news today is that Lizzy had her first proper dinner. After a breakfast of baby rice she progressed to a supper of organic carrot and apple lovingly prepared and pureed by Jasmine. Jazz has been desperate to get in on the feeding thing as she thinks of Lizzy as her dolly! As you can see from the photo Lizzy thoroughly enjoyed it. We have also detected her first little razor sharp tooth which might account for a few tearful moments (unusual for her). My little pumpkin is growing up too fast. Pin It

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euro-trac said...

There must be something in the air (tonight)* because we had a first today too!
Ren tried a bike with no stablizers today for the first time ever (it's very common for SPD kids to be late with these sorts of things..) - He has always been too scared to even try before! He actually asked for them to be taken off. - My MIL can make things happen in a way that I don't stand a chance with my boys!! I almost cried when I heard! It's a lovely pic and so is the family one... you lovely lot! xx
* Yuk - Phil Collins