Thursday, August 18, 2005

Messing about on the river

Another glorious summer day yesterday. Belting hot sunshine but with a gentle sea breeze, perfect. After spending the morning in the garden sitting on my new deckchair (well for 5 minutes anyway, after cleaning and refilling the pool, playing top trumps with Alfie, hanging out washing, feeding baby etc) we went on a boat trip up the Torridge estuary. Alfie went on the same boat trip with his school and the boat was surrounded by dolphins who were attracted by the warmer waters we now have here. Sadly this time there were no dolphins but it was a fabulous trip nonetheless. It's amazing how much of your local scenery you miss by only using the roads. We saw deserted little beaches and coastal paths that I never knew existed. The only downside to the trip was that Alfie suddenly announced that he needed a wee and cried most of the journey back. Is it only me but when I told this to a friend of mine, (who has 4 boys), Paul and Mum, they all said couldn't he wee over the side? I wasn't sure this was the done thing on a boat full of people, mostly well-to-do older people. I think I still need guidance re: boys!

When we got back to Appledore we decided that the evening was far too good to waste by just going home so we phoned Paul and told him to get himself over once he had finished work. We also phoned mum who goes to the beach across the estuary to pop over as I knew she had never been to Appledore. We went to get some bait for crab fishing as this seemed to be the favourite pasttime of all the dads and kids on the quay. Paul loves to catch the little soft green crabs with the children and then let them go again. We then bumped into my friend Lesley with 2 of her 4 boys and she said that her husband was coming later too so while we were waiting we went to the park so that the boys could play together. She is an amazing woman. 2 of her 4 boys are autistic and yet she is always happy, bubbly and upbeat. When I talk to her I realise that I have it easy and Alfie isn't so bad. I think I need to spend more time with people who have boys. Most of my friends have girls and it just isn't the same. Like I said, I need more guidance. Mum turned up, (it had taken her an hour by bus!), and we took Alfie to paddle in the slipway and to watch the mad crazy fools who throw themselves off the side of the quay. By the time Paul turned up it was time to eat. We found a pub overlooking the estuary and ordered our food. Lesley, her husband and now 3 of her boys turned up and they joined us at the end of a perfect summer day. I took some photos but the camera battery ran out so there are none of the beautiful sunset or of the lights twinkling across the estuary at Instow but believe me it was a beautiful evening. Pin It


euro-trac said...

re: boys!
Oh yeah.. at that age, let him wee over the side! Except it could get messy if the wind blows in the wrong direction! Middle class tourists covered in your sons wee and you can't even escape from them because you're on a boat!? - Hahahaha!!
Seriously.. I would have let my kids wee over the side and risked a few dirty looks (if there were any) for the peace! No idea what you are supposed to do with girls though... still, I don't need to!?
Lovely pics... xx

Calamity Tat said...

Yes I remember Lesley she was really nice. Let him wee over the side next time and blame Paul...