Monday, August 08, 2005

Wine and Roses

Roses around our front door

It appears there has been some sabotage to my profile. I left my blog on my desktop and put Alfie to bed, while I was away Paul decided to add a few things to my profile. He added that I liked Power Rangers (God I hate them) and that Alex Ferguson's autobiography was a favourite book (haven't read it). He also changed the spelling of Country Life to mean something quite different. Hmmmmmm :-/ Such a rude boy. Sorry if you missed it, still, it amused some people!

We've had a lovely day. Alf had a party this morning. We went out for lunch then home for a home made cream tea in the sun and then wine. It is 8.30pm and it is still sunny. Paul's family came today so after lunch Paul, his dad and the kids went to the laser site while us girls came home and talked fabric and buttons (well it amuses us). Paul's sister is one of the most gorgeous looking women I have ever seen and Paul's mum is beautiful too. It is easy to see where my children get their scrummy looks. I was feeling quite slim until they turned up! Alfie had a great day with his cousins and has gone to bed over tired and emotional. It's all been too much for him. Lizzy has been fussed and cooed over and all in all it's been a nice family day. Pin It


Calamity Tat said...

Brilliant, it made us laugh until I cried.. wish i'd seen the profile........

euro-trac said...

HeHe!! I saw the profile!!! - I may not know you very, very well, but I did guess that Paul had changed it!!! It was quite amusing though! Txx

euro-trac said...

Love your front door and roses BTW! xx

euro-trac said...

Thanks.. nice note!x
I'm very impressed to see Betty Blue (good book aswell) and The Dice Man - (that brings back memories, 'cause you have to give it a go for a while!?) in your profile! I've got the Time Travellers... next on my list to read. xx

hippo_pepperpot said...

I love your roses! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I read your blog as well... I love it. Trac's hubby and my hubby are old mates...that is how I know Trac. Our kids get along great and so do we.