Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Mr Rubbish Bin Head!

Holly and Alfie in their swimmers

Alfie went to his (free) Holiday Fun Club yesterday and today. It is run by the Church and is held in the Village Hall. Now I don't usually 'do' religion due to a traumatic brush with it in childhood, but loads of his friends were going and he goes to a church school anyway and quite frankly I'm desperate. The Moonies could take him for all I care! A bit of religion might do the boy some good, put the fear of God into him. He came home very happy and told us all about Mr Rubbish Bin Head who swears and you musn't swear (I quite agree) . Later that evening when Paul said 'bloody' Alfie told him off severely and when Paul laughed he said "I'm serious Dad". Cool, it's working. He is there for 2 hours every day this week, oh joy.

Our friends Lisa and Conrad came over for the afternoon with their daughter Holly (who is Alfie's number 1 girlfriend). Lisa brought back the props she had borrowed for the North Devon Show. She gave me a gorgeous pink enamel jug she had bought me on holiday. We spent a lovely afternoon together and they stayed for a chinese take-away and drinks. Lisa and I laughed so much our sides hurt and we were crying. It must have been the wine. I know I spoke a lot a crap, whoops I had better be careful Alfie and Mr Rubbish Bin Head will be after me! Pin It


hippo_pepperpot said...

We know all about fixing up an old house. Yours is prolly older and more work... ugh... the process whilst doing it is horrible. Take a pic of your pink jug... sounds neat.
I too had a bad taste in my mouth w/ religion, from having it crammed down my throat when I was a kid. I went to a hard core Christian school, church Sunday monring and evening and Wednesday evening. No wonder I turned into a wild child...that isn't no lie either...just ask Onyx. Now we have found a great little church and I have found what I was looking for. Once a week...one hour. The girls love it too...well we all do actually.

Calamity Tat said...

I think one should embrace any religion that offers free, local childcare for a week and if it helps improve his swearing all the better :-)