Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Early riser

I'm not sure what I'm doing up so early. We were up late drinking wine and catching up. My babies are still fast asleep. Maybe that's it, it is pretty crowded in my bed with wriggling, squirming kids!

We are off to the shops later. We have a new Accessorize opening in town and Amanda wants some of those footless tights too.

I sorted out our porch/hall yesterday. The coat hooks had fallen down due to the sheer weight of bloody coats! Paul finally got round to putting it back up but left the job of sorting the coats out to me. I managed to sort out 2 bin bags full of coats for the charity shop and we still have masses left!!! How can one family have so many coats? The hallway now looks inviting once again and, with the new radiator, is a warm and cosy space to welcome our visitors. I am going to decorate it later with pumpkins and other halloween decorations. I do like to keep a seasonal theme in there.

Why is it that when children are young they want to help you but when they are old enough to actually really make a difference they are nowhere to be seen? Alf loves to wash up and takes around half an hour to clean one pan whilst depositing most of the water onto the kitchen floor but Jasmine skeedaddles at the mere mention of getting her hands wet!

And finally before I go, here is a picture of Miss Elizabeth looking mighty fine in her new tweed jacket courtesy of her Aunty Saff all the way from USA, the benefit of her living over there in fact probably the only good thing about her living there as the rest of the time it just sucks!!

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hippo_pepperpot said...

The new Madonna song is great. I already own it!

I may need to get your snail mail addy... I thought I saved it but Rollie has cleaned up my nook in my kitchen again... *****rolling my eyes***** I want to send you some butterflies too.


Calamity Tat said...

Oh no haven't heard or seen it yet, don't think it's reached the Village yet, or indeed France hahaha.... Lovely photos..