Sunday, October 02, 2005

Slave to fashion

I'm sat here in my Cath Kidston Jimmy's scoffing toast and drinking my 3rd cup of tea. Just trying to get myself gee'd up to get dressed, bootsale day today. P is off to run a paintball game and J is at her friends. She went to a party last night, 70 teenagers in one small house, sounds hideous! It was her boyfriend's 17th birthday yesterday. They have been together for nearly 2 years now and are very excited that he will soon be driving. I am sure his parents will be thrilled too as they regularly drive him the 40 mile round trip to visit her! We bought him a VW Camper van money box with a surfboard on top (he's a mad keen surfer) and stuck a tenner in to go towards his car fund.

Watched lots of trash tv last night as P fell asleep putting A to bed so I could watch what I liked without anyone nagging. He brought home a delicious Indian takeaway so I didn't even have to cook. Watching UK's next top model I decided I might go for a radical new haircut. I have an appointment with Toni and Guy on Thursday anyway to have my roots done but I think I might have my hair cut into a bob. I shall phone them tomorrow and see if I can get another appointment. I'm excited now! I won't tell P I'll surprise him, hehehehe.

Bought some new tops in the Monsoon sale. My wardrobe needs an overhaul. I didn't buy anything last autumn as I was pregnant so most of my autumn/winter things are a bit ropey. If I wasn't such a slave to fashion I'm sure I would be happy in my old clothes but I need a few key items to bring it all together. The jury is still out on the leggings! Pin It


Calamity Tat said...

What's with all this Mad Keen talk? sounds like something you picked up from Jazz? I couldn't possibly take a photo, it's too difficult.... TBH he's not really my type, too handsome for me hahaha, can you imagine being on the examining table and whipping a camera out, fromage doc coc hahahaha......... remember when we went to H&M together and got the same clothes? I finally got into the trousers today without squeezing my insides out in the process. I don't understand it as twice a week I eat anything that moves and I'm still losing weight????
Miss you, just thinking about you sitting in your jimmy jams :-)

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euro-trac said...

dons - you're an inspiration....
I am so not a slave to fashion but your blog is making me want to go out and shop! I think I will!! If Nick says anything.. I'll tell him that it's all your fault! HeHe! :-)

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hippo_pepperpot said...

I just thought of Tesco delivering today... derrrrrr... here I was all mad and upset thinking I would have to starve or walk... nope...having it delivered tomorrow. I pay most of our bills online too.... how cool is that? Thanks for thinkin of me btw :o)

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euro-trac said...

Well.... what have you got from the bootsale then??? :-)
It was funny earlier, reading how you were sitting in you Cath K's!! I looked down and there I was, sitting in Very cheap, Purple fleecey P.Js with penguins all over them - such class me!?

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