Thursday, October 20, 2005

Good day continued.................

Well it has been a good day so far. Nothing special or out of the ordinary but just pleasant. Was lovely and sunny with the odd burst of light rain. Went birthday shopping for Paul and met up with mum for lunch and cappucino then whizzed back for Alf's harvest festival and cake stall. How sweet all the little ones are, how enthusiastically they sing and perform. Lizzy was mesmerized, she adores children and loves singing. My cake didn't even make the cake stall apparently it had been bought up before it even got that far. I hope it's nice :-/ Paul was embarrassed to take it in this morning. He thought he would be the only one carrying a cake and felt silly. I told him it was a good thing so off he went reluctantly. When he got back I asked if he, and more importantly, the cake had survived the experience. He said, 'you could have told me I still had my slippers on!!!!!' Hahaha. Guess he looked silly after all.

I have decided to repaint the units in the kitchen with a different shade of paint. The shade I have used looks too yellow against the blue. As I have to do a second coat anyway this isn't a problem. I just want it to be right and I sat looking at it thinking it was all wrong. So off to Homebase I went and swapped the remaining tins of paint. I hope this new shade is OK. It's hard to tell with Farrow and Ball. I'll keep you posted. Pin It


Calamity Tat said...

Oh I love a Cake sale me. Glad it went well, I suppose you can go to school with your slippers on in the country! Would anyone notice!!

hippo_pepperpot said...

Oh dear... slippers to school.... he he he.
Egg Shell should look okay I think... I hope it works for you. I just hate it when I do something and look at it and think, 'Oooops, that doesn't work.'
I made a cake one time for Met's cake sale. It was chocolate w/ chocolate icing. I tinted some coconut flake w/ green food colouring for grass and made little pigs... pig faces and butts out of mazapan (sp?) It too sold before it could be put out.

euro-trac said...

Awwww! Lisa's really good at the sax aswell! (Good idea though!)
Slippers!!!??? Hehehehe! :-) x

Onyx said...

Sounds like a lovely day!! I bet the weather out there is gorgeous too!!!!

You'll have to show us new pics of the cabinets once your done. I just love the way you've redone your house.