Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween


Phew what a week, half term was EXHAUSTING, but fun!

Had 12 people here by Sunday, the house was heaving with bodies, most of them small and male and as you can imagine from that scenario we had a lot of noise and mess.

Paul's birthday was fun, we all went out for an indian meal, yum yum. Poor Paul had to work on his birthday, he had no cover, and as it was half term it was busy busy busy. Still he is saving this week's takings to buy a big tv for the new living room.

The halloween party was a great success. The kids carved pumpkins in the day time and then took them for a lantern parade. We all dressed up (yes us mums too) and had a lovely spooky time. Alf went as 'Draclia' as he proudly announced to everyone. He had such a great time as half his class were there including his best friend. He won a prize for his pumpkin too. Lizzy went as Lizzy ladybug and received a lot of admiration which she lapped up in her usual cute way with lots of smiles and blowing of raspberries. She was delighted by all the activity, I thought the disco part would be too loud but she loved it. Jack was a pumpkin and Georgia a pink and pretty devil. All the kids had a great time. Us mums made up for it once we got home by drinking wine and cackling until the small hours.

Amanda's husband, Matt turned up the next day and it was sooo lovely to see him. The last time he was down here was New Year's Eve and I was still pregnant so it was nice to introduce him to the third member of our family. I cooked a massive chilli for everyone followed by two apple crumbles then we had a birthday cake for Georgia who is 7 next week. I tell you, I have eaten (and drunk) so much these past few days that I am going to have to starve myself until Christmas. Paul and Matt went out and us girls stayed in and cackled some more, helped by the ever-flowing vino. When the boys came back they had a noisy game of Subbuteo. Paul was beside himself with excitement as he keeps nagging us to play and no-one wants to so to have a willing and able partner was a novelty.

Yesterday was blue and sunny and so warm that we all piled off to the beach. Paul had a paintball game so he couldn't come but we took the kids and they had a great messy wet time. We carried them back to the cars half naked, wet and sandy but happy. Amanda's two big boys arrived from visiting their father (her ex-husband) in Cornwall and they immediately threw themselves into organising a great game in the garden. After a huge lunch everyone finally left and I collapsed on the sofa with my baby and snoozed. I am so grateful for that extra hour we were given this week end. I needed it I can tell you.

I am off to tackle my ironing pile a girl can have too much of a good thing and now it's back to reality. Pin It

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Early riser

I'm not sure what I'm doing up so early. We were up late drinking wine and catching up. My babies are still fast asleep. Maybe that's it, it is pretty crowded in my bed with wriggling, squirming kids!

We are off to the shops later. We have a new Accessorize opening in town and Amanda wants some of those footless tights too.

I sorted out our porch/hall yesterday. The coat hooks had fallen down due to the sheer weight of bloody coats! Paul finally got round to putting it back up but left the job of sorting the coats out to me. I managed to sort out 2 bin bags full of coats for the charity shop and we still have masses left!!! How can one family have so many coats? The hallway now looks inviting once again and, with the new radiator, is a warm and cosy space to welcome our visitors. I am going to decorate it later with pumpkins and other halloween decorations. I do like to keep a seasonal theme in there.

Why is it that when children are young they want to help you but when they are old enough to actually really make a difference they are nowhere to be seen? Alf loves to wash up and takes around half an hour to clean one pan whilst depositing most of the water onto the kitchen floor but Jasmine skeedaddles at the mere mention of getting her hands wet!

And finally before I go, here is a picture of Miss Elizabeth looking mighty fine in her new tweed jacket courtesy of her Aunty Saff all the way from USA, the benefit of her living over there in fact probably the only good thing about her living there as the rest of the time it just sucks!!

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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Quick kitchen update

Here's a quick preview of the kitchen. More photos to come.

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Living in the 80's

I am writing this very quickly as I haven't really got time. My friend Amanda arrives with her youngest boy today, I have 2 children still in pyjamas despite it being nearly 2pm and I have to pick the eldest child up from her work in an hour, the house is a tip. Then off to Sainsbury's as we haven't a scrap to eat in the house. My other friend Nina arrives on friday with her two, phew!

Still I had to just touch base with you all and let you know that I have finally succumbed to the temptation of buying those 80's footless tights along with a beautiful stripey top. I don't care if I'm too old I like them and I'm gonna wear them, so there! I was supposed to be birthday shopping for Paul but I couldn't resist. Jazz and I both got some, we are a bad influence on each other when it comes to spending money on clothes, but they were a bargain.

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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Rude food

This one's for Hippo. If she thinks everything in her kitchen looked sexual look at what my man lovingly brought in from his greenhouse! Pin It

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Good day continued.................

Well it has been a good day so far. Nothing special or out of the ordinary but just pleasant. Was lovely and sunny with the odd burst of light rain. Went birthday shopping for Paul and met up with mum for lunch and cappucino then whizzed back for Alf's harvest festival and cake stall. How sweet all the little ones are, how enthusiastically they sing and perform. Lizzy was mesmerized, she adores children and loves singing. My cake didn't even make the cake stall apparently it had been bought up before it even got that far. I hope it's nice :-/ Paul was embarrassed to take it in this morning. He thought he would be the only one carrying a cake and felt silly. I told him it was a good thing so off he went reluctantly. When he got back I asked if he, and more importantly, the cake had survived the experience. He said, 'you could have told me I still had my slippers on!!!!!' Hahaha. Guess he looked silly after all.

I have decided to repaint the units in the kitchen with a different shade of paint. The shade I have used looks too yellow against the blue. As I have to do a second coat anyway this isn't a problem. I just want it to be right and I sat looking at it thinking it was all wrong. So off to Homebase I went and swapped the remaining tins of paint. I hope this new shade is OK. It's hard to tell with Farrow and Ball. I'll keep you posted. Pin It

Good day

You know it's going to be a good day when you get, not one, but two rainbows. Have a good one y'all :-) Pin It

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Cake day again!

Tomorrow is cake day again as it is the last day of half term. As you all know I am not the worlds best cake maker or rather the Aga isn't!! This time though I have a fool-proof method. 2 packs of chocolate sponge mix and some butter icing and Bob's yer uncle. I do try to be a perfect mum, I do.

Half term hols next week. I have friends coming to stay. One the first part of the week and another the second part with P's birthday sandwiched in between. We have tickets for The Big Sheep Halloween party. We went last year and it was the best Halloween event I have ever been to. It's so nice for the kids to be able to do something fun as we can't trick or treat when we live in the middle of nowhere! Lizzy has her ladybird outfit, Alf will go as a skeleton and I will find some devil horns from somewhere no doubt. I'm only going for the mulled wine to be quite honest. Mmmmmmm I ADORE mulled wine I'm sure I have some stashed somewhere. Pin It
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Bollocks! Pin It

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Ok so I guess I must come clean about what I have been up to this week end. P went off 'oop north' to his conference and what did I do? Did I go out larging it with my girlfriends? Did I heck. No sooner he was out the door I started emptying out the kitchen ready to decorate. I have been wanting to decorate the kitchen since moving here almost 2 years ago and P kept saying 'yes we will get round to it one day but it needs gutting and we don't have the money'. I believed that it just needed a freshen up for now and if we do finally get the money we could then gut it and rebuild our dream kitchen. In the meantime we use this room a lot and it was just plain depressing. It was dingy, tired, dated. I hated the 70's yellow pine dresser units we inherited with the room as opposed to our Victorian pine ones. They needed painting but P disagreed saying 'you don't paint wood'. Well if it is that nasty yellow pine I think you do! So that's what I did. With the help of mum and a friend to take A out for the day we did a 'Changing Rooms' style makeover that Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen would be proud of and not a bit of MDF in sight. Now I have provided photos but please bear in mind that it is not finished due to the fact that the Farrow and Ball paint on the wooden units needs 18 hours to dry in between coats so this is just a sneak preview. I will update you once I have finished probably this weekend. Although it was hard work it was great fun. Mum works like a trouper, she is a real star, and we all gathered together for a big chinese takeaway and wine on the Saturday night joined by J and her boyfriend. P came home early (damn) and was very surprised. I think pleasantly so but he did try to pick on technicalities. In the end I told him I didn't do it for him anyway and that shut him up!!!

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Friday, October 14, 2005

The Weekend Starts Here

Morning bloggers, I trust you are all well and healthy? Well I am sitting in my Cath Kidston spotty dressing gown (no PJ's this time it's too hot). J has just left for school, A eating breakfast before going to his and baby still asleep in bed. P is off for the weekend so by midday I will have the house to myself (except for baby but she doesn't count as she hasn't learned how to nag yet). Once P is out of the way I am going to spend the weekend doing something very exciting. Can't say yet in case he reads this and gets wind of it but all will be revealed my bloggies just be patient.

Went to my father's house yesterday as it was my little half-brother's 2nd birthday. I love my little bro, he's cute.

Right I'm off. Catch you later xxxx Pin It

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Happy John Peel Day

May your day be filled with great music. Pin It

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Rainy day

Rain, rain and yet more rain! Seems like the summer might finally be over, poo. I was going to go out and shop but I think I will stay home today and do indoor jobs. The rain plays havoc with my new hairdo!

Paul is off to Wigan at the weekend. He has a conference there and is hoping to meet up with his mad mod friend. I think they are under the impression that the Wigan Casino is still going. I even caught him searching for mod clothes on ebay. What is he like? If this continues I might be getting those black leggings, hell I may even go the whole Spandau and get myself a blouse, cumberbund and pantaloons.

I bought a lovely vintage wooden playpen at the bootsale and have covered the base in Cath Kidston strawberry oilcloth for my little pumpkin to play in. She loves rolling round in it.

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Monday, October 10, 2005

Ladybird ladybird

I couldn't resist this little ladybird outfit for Liz. That's her halloween costume sorted out. I know she won't look scary but she'll be sooooooo cute! Pin It

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Shabby chic'd mirror

Here's that mirror again, painted, waxed and with a touch of gold on the eges to make it look really old and expensive. Our room is really coming on a treat. It now has a carpet, sofa, beanbag, coffee table and guitar. Must get those curtains made. Pin It

New hair

I've got new hair! I love it. I am so pleased that it went according to plan and I didn't end up looking like an extra from Henry V. I really wanted to go the whole hog and have it dark which would be much more dramatic but as I haven't had a skin test they wouldn't do an all over colour in case I sue them if I get a reaction. No amount of pleading would sway them and although I understand that, in these days of litigation, it is necessary to protect themselves I was a little disappointed. I have now had the required skin test and will get it dyed dark chocolate brown next time. The stylists were amazed that I had chosen the style and colour as they had recently returned from London where Toni and Guy unveiled their new season's styles and dark bobs are in. They said that it takes a while for things to filter down this way so, once again, I, a humble 'farmhouse kitchen wife' (as P called me!) am cutting edge, hehehehe Pin It

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Mirror mirror on the wall

Good bootsale today, weather was warm. Got lots of sweet clothes for L, some toys for A, a bit of fabric, bag handles and some vintage glove stretchers for me and a mirror for our new lounge. Check out the photo. It is very gold at the moment, once I have shabby chic'd it up it will look heaps better. I have already given it a coat of paint, watch this space for the 'after' picture.

I have sold lots of maternity clothes this week and next week I intend to sell some clothes that are still great but I no longer wear, hopefully to make some room in my wardrobe and some cash in my pocket for this season's goodies. I am high maintenance and, now I have decided on a haircut to go with the colour, I am needing some extra cash. you can check out my goodies on ebay seller name shabbychicflower, shameless advertising I know but if it's good enough for Tats :-) Pin It

Slave to fashion

I'm sat here in my Cath Kidston Jimmy's scoffing toast and drinking my 3rd cup of tea. Just trying to get myself gee'd up to get dressed, bootsale day today. P is off to run a paintball game and J is at her friends. She went to a party last night, 70 teenagers in one small house, sounds hideous! It was her boyfriend's 17th birthday yesterday. They have been together for nearly 2 years now and are very excited that he will soon be driving. I am sure his parents will be thrilled too as they regularly drive him the 40 mile round trip to visit her! We bought him a VW Camper van money box with a surfboard on top (he's a mad keen surfer) and stuck a tenner in to go towards his car fund.

Watched lots of trash tv last night as P fell asleep putting A to bed so I could watch what I liked without anyone nagging. He brought home a delicious Indian takeaway so I didn't even have to cook. Watching UK's next top model I decided I might go for a radical new haircut. I have an appointment with Toni and Guy on Thursday anyway to have my roots done but I think I might have my hair cut into a bob. I shall phone them tomorrow and see if I can get another appointment. I'm excited now! I won't tell P I'll surprise him, hehehehe.

Bought some new tops in the Monsoon sale. My wardrobe needs an overhaul. I didn't buy anything last autumn as I was pregnant so most of my autumn/winter things are a bit ropey. If I wasn't such a slave to fashion I'm sure I would be happy in my old clothes but I need a few key items to bring it all together. The jury is still out on the leggings! Pin It

Saturday, October 01, 2005

80's Vibe

I'm loving this 80's vibe that is going on. I am currently reading Steve Strange's autobiography (which isn't really that good) and it has me feeling all nostalgic for those heady, new romantic, creative 80's. I was young and broke (which didn't seem to matter) and loved to dress up and hang out in Taunton. I was one of the people who other people copied. Me and my friends were cool. We couldn't afford the latest fashions so we used to try and recreate them on our sewing machines in our bedrooms. I thought everyone did. We couldn't afford to go to Sex, Seditionaries, PX or Boy but we still looked cool (or so we thought). We went to London occasionally to visit clubs like The Wag, Heroes and Camden Palace.............................................. Hell I might just go and buy those leggings. Pin It