Friday, January 13, 2006

Hanging out with The Pelvis

Euro Trac would be proud of me. I found this little beauty today. He can hang in my car for the year then next year I shall pop him on my xmas tree, da da! And I found it in Barnstaple too!!!

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euro-trac said...

Oh yes... I am proud!
If it hasn't been broken by one of your kids by next year (I speak from experience) You, being the creative type that you are, will be able to make him fab angel wings for Christmas! Yippee!! I might even commission you to make me some! :-)
It's strange having been away isn't it?? When you look back on things, it's almost like it didn't really happen or that it could have happened months ago rather than last week!?
Priscilla lies! The sky she shows doesn't resemble the colour of the sky outside my window!! Whereas Priscilla (Preetheeya - I guess it's said!?) needs a bit of rain, there's a drought on! Plus she's smug enough to know that it'll be hot and sunny there really soon and it'll last for months!
Crikey... I can amaze myself with how easy total nonsense like the above can just come to me!?? Oh well, it's only you - you won't tell anybody!! :-)
'Cool shirt Alfie!' xx