Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Here hair here

Went to Exeter again yesterday. This time to get my hair cut and coloured. It's been a long time since I last went and it had grown out of shape. To get my hair done requires military style planning. Mum has to have a day off work to come to look after Lizzy and I have to get Paul to pick the other 2 up from school. Mum is still on holiday as Sister is over from USA so we all went off for another shopping trip. The more I go to Exeter the more I wonder why I don't live there. I love the town. It has a vibrancy and feel to it that you only get in university towns whilst still being a little sleepy Devon town. I'm sure I will pursuade Paul to move there one day.

Most of my day was spent in Toni and Guy's so I didn't buy a lot but I did manage to get a gorgeous pair of high heels in the Office Shoes sale. They were £15!!! I am enjoying wearing high heels again after being pregnant and having a tiny baby. They make my legs look longer and make me feel slimmer.

P.S. Sorry about the title. Another 'Withnail and I' reference that makes me chuckle. Pin It


Léons Life said...

Your making me soooo jealous.

I grew up in Dorset and love the sleepy/not so sleepy side of the towns in Dorset/Devon/Cornwall and Somerset.

Calamity Tat said...

can you make me a hair appointment, so need a cut oh and floss wants highlights, we simply must go to Exeter, did you mention there was a starbucks there? gorgeous photo of lizzy :-)

ramblingwoman said...

Hi Dons, this is fun, I suddenly have friends! T'internet is brilliant! We met once in Sainsbury's! I enjoy your blog too, nice to meet you again. Lu

Stephen Collins said...

Hi Dons,

Thanks for looking at my site and saying nice stuff! It's funny I can barely find anyone that even likes James Blunt. But then i don't go looking for them. Your site is cool. Excellent shoes, can't believe they were 15 quid! Like the hair too.


euro-trac said...

That's funny... I met ramblingwoman in Sainsbury's too! I never meet anyone nice in lidl though!!? :-)
Thanks for your nice comments...
Great pic of you both!
Awwwwww, she is such a sweetie!

I wonder why your profile pic keeps disappearing with your comments?

Onyx said...

Love those shoes!!! They look pretty comfy too. Glad to see you back again!!! Looks like you had fun while you were gone though, so you're forgiven. ;-)